1993 panasonic omnivision tv with vcr


I just got an old tv 1993 Panasonic Omnivision with VCR built in. It works fine, except that when I connect the cable it only displays up tp channel 19. From channel 20 and up, I get only a blue screen and the channel number on the top right corner of the screen. Please help, it was cheap but the only tv I can afford for now. Thank you very much!!


did you hook it up to a antennae or cable TV? If cable you have to pick cable instead of antennae or over the air or like that or your only going to get a few channels before it craps out.
Other problem is USA is going to digital TV OTA in about 6 days and so will most cable Co’s as well.
You can buy a digital TV tuner cheap at many electronics stores or MAYBE your cable provider will give you a basic box that will allow the TV to tune their starter cable packages for cheap or free.
Good luck with it, it sucks that everybody is forced to buy a tuner, throw out a perfectly good TV etc. because of this crap.

Thank you very much for your help! I connected the tv to an external vcr/tuner and it works just fine! The only thing is that I cannot get the remote control to turn the tv on, I have to do it manually, but other than that it works fine. Thanks again.

That’s great, remember if your in the USA you have to get a Digital tuner box or hook it to cable right now or very soon as they’re shutting off the OTA analog TV that thing picks up.