198th comic - Garfield on the farm... - Garfield and Odie playing in the garden

Heya everybody,

…some of you will now think: “At last… a new comic with Odie”… yeah I know Namoh is one of them :wink: :iagree: … Garfield and Odie are still on the farm and sure enjoying their holidays. But back at home Mrs. Feeny is preparing some sort of evil attack for Garfield. She’s paid a biiiig strong dog to ruin Garfields day… like I promised yesterday this new “Big dog (Mrs. Feeny’s last revenge)” will be one of the last series I will publish.

At the moment it looks like the following situation:

  • a few more Garfield’s farm comics
  • Mrs. Feeny’s last revenge comic series (coming in from time to time)
  • some great Blindwrite Classic comics
  • some great funny off-topic stuff

and all in all that will be still more than 20 comics… hehehe :wink: :iagree:

OK but now here’s today’s comic: Garfield and Odie playing in the garden… :wink:

We will reach comic 200 soon… that will be some really good time to celebrate (one more time!!! ;))

B …to be continued…[/B]


Nice comic Alex, real good to see that you are finally reaching the next milestone. Can’t wait to see the special comic with no. 200

Thanks for this very big feedback today (for 4 comics) H3rB3i!
Yeah comic number 200 will be something special… and then the countdown will begin for the last comics I will publish… it’s getting more and more interesting so stay tuned, everybody! :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :iagree:

Nice comic… Can’t wait for no. 200!!

Greets Marijn

I bet Oddie will still be chasing after Garfield in another 200 comics time.

LOL :bigsmile:

@Womble - I bet so, too!

Great comic!!

LOL, nice comic Alex.