195th comic - Garfield on the farm... - Watching TV

Heya everybody,

Garfield just couldn’t resist and so he is trying to watch TV. The life on the farm sure is … difficult for him… but how difficult you’ll read in today’s new comic:

Garfield on the farm… - Watching TV:

to be continued…


LOL. :bigsmile:

I wonder when he (or Odi) will discover the animals. :stuck_out_tongue:

ROFL :bow: :bow: :bow:

That’s a fact!! There’s NO good t.v. in the sticks!! :a

LLLOOOOLLLL!!! Great comic (as always) :slight_smile:

Blindwrite News 24 hours a day. Live updates. Wach them put the bugs into the program. :slight_smile:

@Womble that’s a great idea… I might come back to this idea… putting bugs into the program LIVE :wink: