192 bitrate = 32 bitrate silent playback

I currently use WIN MX for mp3 downloads and am finding some WEIRD behaviour for my downloaded mp3 songs!!!

I search for songs with at least 192 bitrate to download!
When i play them back they show a 32 bitrate playing with no sound on playback at all!!! :cop: :cop:

Is there a way to check the FACTUAL BITRATE before downloading???

Sounds like big brother throwing some BIG SPANNERS IN THE WORKS???

Any opinions appreciated!!!
:bow: :bow: :bow:

I guess those are fakes then…

yea i guess they r fake that is wat u get for useing r crap peer to peer program but if mp3 r wat u want look on the net there r a few site’s that will let u have the song u want off the web site. cus when u r there looking for ur song u see r lot of adds so in turn pay’s for the song u download. or just download away on that program u use and hope for the best. :iagree:

I think there are some plugins or programs that work alongside p2p that detect dummmy files being put out my the record industry. I don’t use WinMX so I don’t know if there are any that work with it.

WinMX is pretty damned good, actually.

Other problem is when some nutcase decides to “Password” the Ruddy RAR file with a password we can’t find…So we spend ages downloading the Alby, then ages trying to open it then decide, sod it n bin it…lol