19" TFT purchase


Anyone know of a TFT monitor of 19" for a low price? Please bear in mind I live in the UK.


TFT + Low Price + UK = Oxymoron

Stupid advice + Asid = Not helping.

Does Dell deliver to UK, or have affiliates of any kind there?

If so I can refer you to many deals I have sources to.

I am listening, couse im interest to buy one to. :bow:

Their production facility is located in the UK or Scotland, so I think they should deliver to the UK!

www.tigerdirect.com I don’t know if they ship overseas byt they are selling 19" tft for $299

Well, I dunno if these coupon codes apply overseas, but check the following bargain sites twice daily, and you will see, sooner or later, a great deal from dell:

  1. http://www.slickdeals.net/
  2. http://www.xpbargains.com/
  3. http://spoofee.com/

I often see great deals and post in the Bargain basement straight from these sites. You can also browse some previous deals and get a rought idea of just what the Dell LCD’s were going for. My 20.1" LCD went for $609 shipped, just to give you one example.

Ok thanks for all the (useful) suggestions, but i got my one from
£265 in total (vat and delivery). 19".

25milsec response time. Should i expect blur?


You can find good Dell deals here as well now Xtacydima :wink:


Awesome Domi, just bookmarked. :wink:

try dabs .com they are exellent