19" monitors



I am looking to upgrade to a new monitor and looking at 19" models.... can anyone offer any advice? I have scoured the net looking for reviews but am totally confused now?


Sony G400
Iiyama Visionmaster series
LG Flatron series

Maybe check this link out, it has some reviews of different monitors over time: http://www.agnhardware.com/html/agnhw-reviews.cfm (it is out of frames, official link is www.agnhardware.com , then select P:reviews)

Hope that helps.


My personal favorite is the iiyama vision master 450 (I am now looking at it :wink:


I’ve got an ADI 6P which I’m very pleased with. An added advantage is that it has a built-in mike and a 4-way powered USB hub.


If you’re looking for the absolutely best then your choice is Sony’s 19" FD Trinitron monitor featuring a 0.22 dot pitch.

Otherwise, the best products at low prices are Nec and Philips flat monitors, as I don’t think that LG Electronics already produces 19" flatron monitors.

Philips’ flat monitors should be the best ones, because they integrate a USB hub and support very high resolutions with a good refresh rate.



I just want to say that the Iiyama Pro450 is a great monitor. The Sony E400/G400 is nice too but has some geometry problems (not accidental, but on all of them).

One thing i would never do is buy a Philips monitor, very poor image … it’ll give you a headache you’ll never forget.


Buy the Belinea 106020 i’ve got it.
It’s very cheap. I think its one of the best and cheapst 19 Zoll Monitors


Well… just two things:

The problem with Sony’s FD monitors are three stripes (two on 15" models) only viewable with very light colors (such as white backgrounds), but they are used to check the monitor and whether it’s got problems or not: it’s very hard to see them, and 99.9 % of time you’ll just get a wonderful image.

About philips, I’ve got one of their monitors, and till now I suppose them to produce the best monitors at the lowest prices.


I’ve got a Iiyama Vision Master 450 and it rocks!!
Perfect quality and a very very reasonable price. I don’t think you can buy any better for the same amount.

If I would have to buy a new monitor it will be a Iiyama for sure (maybe the 22", but definitly an Iiyama).



I recently bought an Iiyama Vision Master Pro 450 and definitely is the best monitor for its price.