19" LCD Monitor - $105 Shipped After Mail In Rebate


Office Depot has the Hanns G - HU196D 19" Monitor for $105 Shipped - After $100 Mail In Rebate here:


Offer is good until 08/31/2006

(I personally own one of these - and it is excellent)

Looking at the specs of the LCD monitor with viewing angle @ 150 deg I could tell is worthless.


Do not know where you are coming from with this comment as I looked at 124 19" monitors at Newegg and literally dozens had a horizontal viewing angle of 150 degrees (the horizontal viewing angle of all monitors was 130 to 178 degrees) - and I fail to appreciate - how much you can see standing far to the side - would relate to the overall quality of the monitor-eh!

Please do not get aggravated if some one express opinion and disagree with deal you are posting. The LCD monitor has many factors to be defined as acceptable specs since you are spending quite time on front of monitor and if the specs are not at least in mid range good monitor then very soon your eyes feel tired you feel drowsy and sleepy. The LCD monitor obviously must have well:

a) pixel pitch
b) monitor brightness
c) aspect ratio
d) contrast ratio
e) refresh rate
f) frequescy resolution
g) viewing angle

As final word when comes to the monitor doesn’t pay to go with the cheap one.


If you do a google search - like I did - before I bought it - you would find many favorable reviews and awards for this monitor in Europe-

I personally use this monitor (see below) and find it to be very good - especially for the low price-eh!

(oh - and you have [I]never[/I] explained why a 150 degree viewing angle makes any monitor worthless-eh!)

The final word is with the end user as long as you the user feel comfortable and like the monitor that is all matter the rest are irrelevant.

Everyone is entitled to thier opinion, but TCAS was so specific as to why he would not buy this monitor.

TCAS has given a lot of good info on this site and I think it would be beneficial to all if he would share his reasoning behind his statement. His reasoning could make a difference between someone buying a great monitor or getting a lemon.

We are all here to share and help each other.


And I am here to say I’m getting one of these! :slight_smile: Nice find Mike! I’m ready to get some of my desktop back! I’m currently running an NEC MultiSync M700 on this machine. (Built in speakers and mic) The built in speakers pushed me over the edge on this one personaly. (That and the 8ms pixel response.) Going from a 17" crt to a 19" LCD is gonna be a nice and welcomed change. Thanks for the heads-up bud!



The overall summary for the 26 posters …
Good value / price, 25 of 26 were happy / satisfied with monitor.
No dead pixels.

Very limited physical adjustment for screen tilt.
Round corners on monitor - style was mixed.
Built in speakers sound cheap / tinny.
Text quality concern (one poster had this concern) …
One thing that is a must with this LCD monitor is Clear Type Tuner (free from Microsoft). It makes the otherwise poor legibility of text on the screen acceptable.

Raising seven kids, would love to have a flat panel … just can’t afford it at this time. If I had the money, this monitor would be on my desk as fast as USP could deliver it (waiting for the rebate kills the deal). Their may be better quality panels, but the price/value/user reviews fits my world of disposable cash.


Gotta agree with Dennis L here - the speakers are pretty bad (but I use a seperate speaker system - so it is a mute point for me - and the ‘Clear Type Tuner’ fix is great) the tilt thing was not an issue for me as it tilts 15 to 20 degrees - and I backed the contrast off of 100 to 90 and all is good-eh!

I think its a great find BigMike7, as long as there are not a bunch of dead pixels the monitor is great for 105.00. I never used the speakers on the monitor anyway.


Did a little googling of ‘LCD monitors horizontal viewing angle’ and got the following:

“Viewing Angle
When you look at an LCD monitor from an angle, the image can look dimmer or even disappear. Colors can also be misrepresented. To compensate for this problem, LCD monitor makers have designed wider viewing angles. (Do not confuse this with a widescreen display, which means the display is physically wider.) Manufacturers give a measure of viewing angle in degrees (a greater number of degrees is better). In general, look for between 120 and 170 degrees. Because manufacturers measure viewing angles differently, the best way to evaluate it is to test the display yourself. Check the angle from the top and bottom as well as the sides, bearing in mind how you will typically use the display” from Howstuffworks.com

“The viewing angle is an especially important consideration if you plan to have more than one person viewing your monitor at a time. There is a vertical and a horizontal viewing angle specification, which refers to the degree you can stray from dead center before the picture starts to wash out. High contrast levels usually go hand-in-hand with wider viewing angles. Many recommend a viewing angle of at least 140 degrees horizontal and 120 degrees vertical. The wider the viewing angles, the better” from wisegeeks.com