19" LCD Monitor $100 - AMIR + $17.33 Shipping




PC Connection has this very good monitor for $100 - after $120 in mail in rebates - here:


Shipping is $17.33

I personally own the earlier version of this monitor - and it has very good - crisp image - but at 8 ms is only an average gamer - comes with 3 year warranty-eh!


I also purchased the previous model at PC Connection (very reliable and I think they’re one of the oldest online computer dealers). I think I paid $130 after rebate (it took awhile to get the rebate check, but it finally came) and the monitor is well worth the money (especially for $117 after shipping and rebate).


Do they charge tax in California on the full price? That usually adds some bucks to the final price.



They are physically located in New Hampshire - and I do not remember them charging California sales tax when I bought mine-

Also - I got my rebates in a reasonable amount of time too-eh!


They only charge if they have a location in California (which most online businesses do, hence the reason why you often pay sales tax on online orders).


Sales tax in Ohio. :frowning:


Look at “About Us” at the bottom of the PC Connection page bigmike posted. They have locations in CT, FL, MA, MD, NH, OH and TX. Applicable sales taxes would probably be charged on orders going to those states.



Hey guys - even with shipping and sales tax - this has got to be the lowest price - [I]good[/I] 19" LCD with 3 year warranty currently being sold-eh!


I have this model at work and it has great color. You can’t go wrong with this monitor…


I hesitated on buying my 2nd one and now… they’re all gone.

sob sob


PS. Already got the first one. Very, nice monitor


…and can’t download the $#100 rebate form from PcConnection Rebate Center either…


Got rebate emailed.

Appears there are sometimes problems with the second rebate because it is over 1MB whereas the first rebate is only 100k.