19 Inch LCD Monitor - $260 - NO Rebate!




Just got the Tiger Direct online ad and you can see it here:


Best price for a 19" that I have ever seen-



Yo thanks Mike.

I have another one. Dell UltraSharp 1905FP 19" LCD for $273 includes 256mb cruzer micro usb drive. 1905FP is the higher end of Dell 19" LCD, includes DVI port and four USB2.0. Retail price is $479.

Saw this at http://deals.cdfreaks.com as well as http://www.slickdeals.net/#p6086


Dell 1905FP 19" DVI LCD + 256MB Cruzer Micro
$479 + $21 padding - 35% off S0BDZ6HBTFDPSL - $60 MHD4PQCF$WJ2S3 = $273

[/color]Tried myself and it works:


Yo zevia-

That is one kicka$$ price for a quality LCD monitor-

I’m sure that there are going to be a bunch of folks that thank you for that one-



Argh…must resist the urge!
nice deals guys…I’m off to read some reviews


I am also tempted looking at these gizmos. I guess I will have to wait till the prices come down a bit more :frowning:


I’d be wary of that brand from tigerdirect. LCD monitors arent as crisp as CRT’s to begin with. Alot of LCD monitors state 16ms time but still have ghosting. The tigerdirect one has 20ms time and from a no name manufacturer. I’d stay away. On the other hand, the dell ultrasharps are pretty good monitors…great buy there.


for watching movies on my PC i still prefer CRT…the flat screens
are just that - flat.
for all other uses flats are great (not a gamer so can’t comment on that)


I have a NEC Multisync 1860 NX at work (18’’) - I find it much better than my 17’’ CRT. SO I guess it largely depends on the specs - contrast ratio, response time etc. I’ve heard very good feedback about Dell ultrasharps and Samsungs.



I have had two Sceptre 19" X9 LCD’s for the last two plus years and have been VERY pleased with them (and no “dead” pixels to date)-