19.99 quid divx dvd player

19.99 quid divx dvd player at lidl also has memory card slots on it
make is targa

got a link?

they hav’nt got it on their web site yet saw it in a flyer my mum got instore
when i was visiting her

and it’s in the uk

that might cost me a little in gas to get over there and get that deal :bigsmile:

not to point out the obvious but when my location is scotland i thought it might have given a clue :doh: yes even in the uk you can get something quite cheap now and again :eek: :stuck_out_tongue:

looks like it uses mediatek mt1389 chipset and is prone to freezing


huh :confused: when did i seem confused as to where the deal was? i was simply pointing out it’s not in my area :rolleyes:

i have only ever got 2 things from that store and they sucked lol
1st one was a typhoon windows xp keyboard & mouse ( that didnt work )
2nd was a dvd player ( cant remember the make ) that did work for a couple of weeks then it died

and another thing i didnt like about that store was you could by something today that doesnt work then when you take it back they wont give you your money back they just give you an address to send it to for it to get fixed or replaced :frowning:

but this was over a year ago so they might have changed by now ?

i jsut go to currys and get things on the easy plan now
you can get what ever you want aslong as its over 500 and pay back like 15 a month :slight_smile:

UK… means it’s 20 British Pound, not US Dollars?