18x writers are crappy?

With wtever experience I have I think ALL 18x writers just plainly suck, Company are making them just to be in competition before taking the bugs out. Even 18x media is not availble here. If I writer is not good in reading and takes 3 minutes extra while burning image then whats the use if it bruns 2 mins faster?

I bought a Sony Q170A 1 month back which wont read DVDs but could read commercial dvds, wont burn CDS over 24x. I thought may be a fault model and got it replaced under warranty. New one will read dvds but was very strange, many times it wont read the dvd it just burned and i could play the same in other dvd players. Then i replaced it with Samsung SH 182 D I had like 18 dvds to write, few of them had scraches and heres my experience writing them

Sony Q170A (first one) >>Wont read dvds , only commercial ones, very low cd writing speed

Sony Q170 A (Replacement)- > Would read at good speed around 10,000 KBS, but it could only burn 10 DVDS, Its not good when it comes to read “bad sector areas”, Sometimes wont read the dvds which it burnt itself.

Samsung SH 182D >> Came with SB03 firmware, it was reading my dvds @ around 1200 KBS, WTF! then I upgraded the firmware and now it reads around 3500 - 7600 KBS etc. Wouldnt read bad sectors well and gets stuck.I tried bruning the nero cd which came withe pack and samsung was reading it like 3000-4000kbs. Why not 7200?

LG 10 H 16x old writer(or something) >> I burned 4 dvds on this which I couldnt brunt from Samsung or Sony. 3 of them it read around 6000 -8000. Althouth the dvds are bit scratchy speed hardly went down to below 1000.

I am left with 1 dvd, samsung gets stuck at 18% in 30 mins, Sony 17% in 40 mins, LG 23% in 30 mins. Its stuck even with LG, I dont know how to skip that bad area and run the rest. but seems like 16x writers r better!

I love my Samsung SH-S182D…burns Verbatim MCC004 at 18x beautifully (Prodisc and MBI made).

You seem to be talking about reading ability (mostly) from what I can gather from your post. To be fair, I haven’t tested the Samsung’s reading, but it’s a great burner for me.

You don’t mention LiteOn…have you tried their latest 18x offering? Might suit your needs better.

I think you will find that most people on this forum who have them, like them!

Love my Samsung too. But I dont know whether it will read its own disks or not with a -R write. Dont bother me though cause I dont use it for that anyway. Try it & see. :flower:

Mine does, it’s fine with -R :iagree: - already tried it. Mind you, I don’t use -Rs hardly at all, so even if it did have the problem, it wouldn’t bother me either. So it’s all good :flower: