18X Samsung SH-S182D 31.99

What is this: An 18X Samsung writer that I can’t even find a review on, does anyone own this drive, if so please share some input.
EDIT: I did find some feedback from “Chef” on another thread but this drive must be very new indeed, and I also found the review by Jan 70, it looks like a pretty decent drive.


Yes, this one could be a winner.

Even though its a Samsung and in the past I would have never considered such a drive, for this price after seeing the review by Jan70 and reading your posts Chef I am going to invest 31.99 to test this drive, Newegg has them in stock, I just have one question, is there anyway to do a quality scan with this drive and firmware, is there any modded firmware?

Hi :slight_smile:
Where’s the link to this review then Alan. :stuck_out_tongue:

Quality scan using Nero CD DVD Speed is no problem, you just have to delete the Samsung/TSST enry in the registry values. :wink:

Not seen patched stuff for this drive yet.

i’m replacing a crapped out liteon 5239s with something. Should I get one of these new Sammy’s or stick with the more familiar benq dw1650? I have no interest in fast burns, just a quality drive that can produce excellent results on excellent media. I have a feeling the Benq is a safer bet, especially since there is no info on this Sammy’s reliability yet. Thanks

No drive available can produce excellent results on all kinds of media.
Some drives are excellent for DL media, like the Pio 111 drives. Most drives have problems handling/burning RW media with good results…
Just check some reviews.

is there a call for concern about the reliability of Samsung DVD burners? I’m inferring this from this quote:

Alan1476: “Even though its a Samsung and in the past I would have never considered such a drive”

Looks tempting doesn’t it! Thats all I need is another freaking drive. You guys are bad. What will I tell my wife, or better yet say its a warranty RMA.

From newegg.com:

Quantity Pricing
Units Price Shipping
1 $34.99 $5.46
10+ $34.00 $2.67 ea.
20+ $33.59 $2.26 ea.
50+ $32.59 $2.16 ea.

US$34.75 even when you order 50 units at once.

I believe it’s more of an issue with writing quality than reliability.

Has anyone found a unit in a color other than black? I would grab one if I could find it in beige.

In the most shops in Germany you can buy it in beige, for example here: www.tfc-computer.de. But I don’t know, if you can buy it there from USA.


Available in beige (bulk) and black (bulk) and black retail.

Just got one from newegg and it will not read faster than 12X even with the magic speed set to maximum speed.

And that was using Verbatim 16X dvd+r which did burn at 18X.

Dude, read the specs!

16x reading for DVD, means pressed DVD!!!

Magic speed is only for cds if I read it right and I did. But I got 1 coming to play with anyway.

Ive got three of them. 182D, 182M, 162L. They all perform great! Retired my newly aquired POS 1650.
MagicSpeed only works on CD’s.

Great drive!

Nice! Could you please try to burn DVD-RW at 8x with an 6x DVD-RW??