18x media anywhere?

I see more and more manufacturers releasing 18x dvd burners. I googled and searched this forum for “18x”. I was wondering if anyone know of anyone selling 18x media yet or if it even exists yet.

Not yet. Keep in mind that there is no official Standard for 18x and 20x at the moment and that there most likely won’t be a standard.
For 18x you will have to use 16x media which is recommended by the drive manufacturer for 18x.

Reliabvle 16x rated dvd media like those from TY and Verbatim is recommended and can handle 18x speed.

What is the difference in burning time ? a few seconds ?
Most 16X media give the best results being burnt at only 12X , so 18X doesn’t worth the effort .

Depends on what drive you compare with. If you compare with most writers that do 16x burns using CAV, about 20-30s faster.

If you compare CAV 18x burns with 16x P-CAV burns of LG writers, the LG writers burn as fast as that or faster. From reviews, 18x CAV burns take about 5:35. LG’s P-CAV 16x takes about the same time or less. The fastest 16x burn on an LG writer I’ve seen is 5:18.