18Min, 4GB Rips with NEC 3520A & DVD Shrink?!

18Min, 4GB Rips with my new NEC 3520A & DVD Shrink???!!!

Ultra DMA Mode 2 is set on the IDE so I don’t why it’s so damn slow.

I previously had a Pioneer 105 4x DVD burner that ripped 4GB in markedly under 10 minutes.

Can anyone please advise…

5X max rip speed with stock firmware
With riplock removed 16X SL and 7X DL

This is what I’m getting:

In DVD Decrytpter, I’m getting rips of 2.1x. What gives? I also have nforce2 IDE drivers but that shouldn’t make THAT much of a difference especially since my rips were so good with my old Pioneer 105…

Also have an NEC 3500. Can rip 4.3GB DL DVD media (main movie only with English AC 3/6, no compression) in about 12 min. Download CD DVD Speedtest and check the rip speed of your NEC using DL encrypted DVD movie. Use a good disc. Should start out around 3.1X with maximum speed of 7.3X.

Note that the rip speed can vary with the quality of the DL media. Some DVDs will only rip around 3X. Try another hacked firmware for your NEC. 4.3X is slow for this drive. It’s best to use Microsoft drivers.