18A1P to a 20A1P Crosflashing



I have seen some posts on other forum where is possible to upgrade from LH-18A1P to LH-20A1P. Does anyone knos how is that posible?? Pleae Help


You will need to modify your drive’s EEPROM before flashing the firmware.
Instructions or software for this has not been released yet.

Without the EEPROM modification, the firmware will not run.


And the most common mistakes people make is forgetting to re-flash their modified EEPROM - they end up writing the binary firmware instead and end up with some…surprises :smiley: OR people who use an EEPROM from someone’s 20A1P drive…a big no no! There is no publicly available tool yet for doing this, and for obvious reasons, I have a feeling that it’s not only the white animal with black stripes that knows how but that other person is keeping quiet, again for obvious reasons… So when is the 24A1P coming out ? :smiley:


i have a 18a1p.
i have backed up the eeprom with the eeprom utility.
the bin firmware of the 20a1p have i already downloaded.
but how to flash my 18a1p to 20a1p?
can give somebody me an instruction? please!


ok the “animal” has helped.
done: 18a1 -> 20a1p


is the modification reversible? 20 to 18 I mean.


I would imagine, if you have backed up your old eeprom you can go back by just flashing your backup onto the drive again…

You have got a backup of the old eprom haven’t you???


when you have your old eeprom then it should be reversible.


… must be reversible.

except your drive is not accessible anymore.


i’ve tried 160P6S -> 165P6S with modded eeprom.

flashed modded eeprom, then flashed 165P6S fw. No probs with DVD±R/RW and CDR. DVD-RAM can be read, but lots of trouble writing with Panasonic drivers.

I got it back to a working 160P6S by flashing both original eeprom and 160P6S fw.


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