18A1P or 18A1H?



I need to replace my dead 1653S. Only 18A1P and 18A1H are available. Which is better? LightScribe is not important option for my. Recording quality is probably the same, but what’s about possibility of crossflashing?


the 18A1P can be crossflashed to 20A1P, the 18A1H can be crossflashed to 20A1P and H. it’s up to you, if you don’t need lightscribe, get the 18A1P. but you have to wait some time, the crossflash patch isn’t officially released yet. (also there’s no 18x/20x media available… you can only overspeed 16x ones.)


And what’s about BenQ firmware crossflashing? Benq firmware is better? Has 18A1H some negatives compared with 18A1P? There is some information about differences between early and later batch of 18A1P (e.g. more or less noisy drives). It’s true? I need to avoid some batches?


My advice: get the H :iagree:


It’s a bit laconic advice :wink:


Well, there are two revisions, one with noisy spindle motor and one with a less noisy one. It is often claimed that the noisy spindle motor is included with drives from September 2006 and the less noisy one with drives from November 2006, but some CD Freaks have also spotted drives from November 2006 with the (old?) noisy spindle motor.


This problem was observed in both H i P drives? And what’s about benq firmware?


The LiteOn 20A1H should not have any noise problems.


Only 18A1x drives are available for me.