18A1H burning low speed cd-r


I’ve have tried 6 diffrent medias only could i burn lower that 16x.
This make Clear CD i could burn at 6X.
Is it a firmware thing or can this drives just not burn at low speed like 4x.

Trying to back some tricky things up.

I wish to burn cd-r at lower speed too :frowning:

Any particular reason for wanting such slow burning?

I whant to back my teleatlas that i use in my car (so the original does get scratc h when i change between navigation and listening to cd’s )
This bemands burning at low speed or at least so says the experts
Tried with diffrent media but i seems the problem is burning speed.

Kind regards


If slow burning of CD-R media is essential then you need to get a CD burner as DVD burners will rarely go that slow.

I just bought this burner. My old dvd burner a ricoh mp5240 burned at 4x no prob. But it was not a 2/3 sheep burner so copying teleatlas was not possible.
Really sucks if I have to buy another drive that i really don’t need just so i can backup the software that i have legally bought, my last version 2004 was so scratched that it didn’t work anymore. Now i wanted to be smart and back up the new version 2006/2007 an use the copy in my car but no. They made that impossible so I’ll have to buy a new each two years smart for them …sucks for me…

You can always try to use cd-rw. With them you can burn at 4x. I’ve tried and it works perfectly, but I still want to burn cd-r at 4x speed though.

don’t think my navigation acceps cd-rw but i’ll give it a try

k, tell me if it works :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe this is a fix:


19-12-2006 #6 jwill427

Re: [SHW-16H5S-LS0W] How to reduce burning speed ?

if you burn quality media such as verbatim, TY, or MIJ sony at 8x or 12x there should be no problems playing in your dvd player.

but if you really want to burn at 4x (quality will probably be worse as 16x media is not optimized for low speed burning)
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
enable OHT (Online Hyper Tuning) in smart burn and it will alow burnspeeds less than 6x
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Also, avoid memorex and tdk as they are low quality disks

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Do note that the thread you refer to was dealing with DVD media & not CDs.

Yes I know So you don’t think OHT (Online Hyper Tuning) will do the same with cd burning (enable slower burning)?


Nope. :slight_smile: Hyper Tuning can only run on DVD+/-R and DL media.
Open up SmartBurn info and you can read it by yourself.

When burning CD’s only the basic OPC function by Lite-On’s SmartBurn is active.

jeps your right. I can’t high grade cd to burn belove 16x and my blaupunkt radio/cd/navigation does not accept cd-rw. So i’m f…


most modern drives, including CD writers don’t allow low writing speeds. Maybe you can try to get some older drive, like LG GSA 4163 - this one supports CD writing from 4x.
Or try this bad trick: Install the drive into an external enclosure and connect that to an USB port, that is only capable of supporting USB1.1;) Your write speed will be limited to 4x, but I won’t judge about the quality.
And btw your copy will not be more readable if it was made at 4x.
Also, optical drives can indeed be designed to refuse reading CD-R.


Yes but this drive (Blaupunkt navi) does read burned cd. I have google for burning tips all say it is very important that it is burn really slow, otherwise the navi will not read it.
You don’t think the burning speed has anything to say???


I admit, that burning at 48x is not a good idea, but it shouldn’t make any difference if the disc is burned at 16x or at 4x.
That disc is copy protected, and your reader and your writer are not able to reconstruct the data structure with the required perfection. That’s the point.


That is not true. I’ve tried to backup my original disc, which is protected with sd v2.90, at 4x on a cd-rw and 16x on a cd-r. The cd-rw works perfectly but the cd-r doesn’t work at all. So my conclusion is that the drive writes the protected area more accurate at lower speed.

Did you buy 4x cd-rw or is it a 16x cd-rw that you where able to write to a 4x?
Does that make sence??


It’s a cd-rw rated at 4x speed.