18A1H@20A1H crossflsh help needed



Hello and thanks for reading.
I need somebody to checksum my 18A1H eeprom memory to crossflash my drive to 20A1H.
Any sugsetion??
Thanks in advance


you won’t get any help here at cdfreaks.

search for a “white horse-like animal with black stripes”, he is able to help you.



Isn’t that strange? There are instructions about crossflashing Sony to Liteon, Philips to Benq, Pioneer 111D to 111L, 16x LG to 18x LG etc. etc. here on Cdfreaks.com forums. So why not the 18x to 20x conversion? :confused:



It’s always been that way here. Perhaps because the crossflash involves more than a tricked flasher, the risk is deemed to high. There is more potential to kill the drive and then LiteOn get’s stuck with a bunch of RMA’d drives. LiteOn would not be too happy with this site if this was promoted here. In any case you can get help elsewhere if you search.


It would be easier and safer to just go out and buy a 20A1H then you have no
worries about a crossflash going badly and killing the drive. :sad:


Since when this forum is intend to make Liteon happy, instead of its own community?
Losing the daring spirits of the old days are the words to describe this once great site. :rolleyes:


Since when this forum is intend to make Liteon happy, instead of its own community?

don’t forget liteon has been good to this forum, supplied test firmwares for many drives, and smartburn test


it is this exact mindset that have put much reluctance for the forumers here in serving the fellow forum community.
when crossflashing is more of an open-secret in this forum, and is in fact open topic in other forums, can we spare the reluctance and do what worthy of the name ‘freaks’?
if liteon is kind enough to use this forum as a mean of their pre-release testing ground, y hold back on performing our own testings and share it openly with the community?


I think this is because 18x->20x involves a EEPROM replacement, and it means more than just changing the firmware. It’s safe if we’re just playing with the firmware; if we got the firmware messed up, we can always download the original firmware and reflash, firmwares are the same for all drives. The EEPROM however contains calibration data that is different for each individual drive, and cannot be download from the net. If it is screwed, it’s lost forever (well, unless it’s sent back to factory for a re-calibration)

I personally would like to do a crossflash as well, but then I don’t have any media that would support 20x anyway



this is a good point. Thanks. :clap: