189th comic - Garfield and Mrs. Feeny... ... Garfields big revenge... [Part 5]



Heya everybody,

the Blindwrite neighbour and Mrs. Feeny stories are slowly nearing its end. But today it is time again to release a new Mrs. Feeny comic… here we go.
By the way if you don’t want to end the Mrs. Feeny comic series then please tell me - I’ll open up a poll with this comic to vote.

Here’s the comic - ENJOY:

…to be continued…

(and please gimme feedback)



I wonder how Mrs Feeny takes revenge :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Whahahahahahahahaha, great comic. :iagree:

Can’t wait for Mrs. Feeny revenge. :stuck_out_tongue: :eek:



The death of a cat I think will be coming next.


Hehehehe, can’t wait to see her revenge.


LoL :bigsmile:

It’s the next big internet video scandal!! :eek: