186th comic - Garfield and Mrs. Feeny... ... Garfields big revenge... [Part 2]

Heya everybody,

at first I’d like to say thank you to everybody who gave feedback for the last comics. Today I have a very special Mrs. Feeny comic… it’s one of those comics I want to keep for one of those last comics. And yeah I still have a few great comic series in my mind…

OK I will tell you at least about one of those last comic series that will make sure we got some great last comics!

* Garfield and Jon going on holiday - destination: farm of Jon’s dad *

… Garfield on a farm … (he sure gives Mrs. Feeny a break) that will sure kick as :wink:

…now here’s today new Mrs. Feeny’s comic - ENJOY:

:wink: :bigsmile:

…the story is still not over…



Great, just great.
One of your best comics.

Garfield on the farm of Jon’s dad … that’s going to be fun. :bigsmile:

LOL :bigsmile:

I hope he takes that BLONDE wig off, before it eats his brain!!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHA; just great. I really like this one

Wondeful!!! :rolleyes:



Garfield looks quite good in that.