185th comic - Garfield and Mrs. Feeny... ... Garfields big revenge

Heya everybody,

yeah it’s comic time again today and I hope you get ready for it… today we have Garfield with his special “I didn’t do anything”-look … :wink: … Jon met Mrs. Feeny today and you might all be interested in what happened…

OK here we go:

More to come soon!
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PS: … 15 more comics to go until comic number… 200 … :rolleyes:

The fat cat used ball bearings :eek: , that’s nasty. :bigsmile: :iagree:

Good comic Alex.

LOL!!! :iagree:

Hehe, super! :bigsmile:


LOL :bigsmile:

whew …still recovering from 184…

Jon’s face when he says “she gave me a VERY nasty look”, and he’s looking back as if to make sure she’s not still there giving it…that’s great stuff. :iagree:


Great one.

Thanks everybody for the feedback… I’ve seen there has been lots of feedback for the last hours… thank you all. I’ve got finally one more comic series to announce… perhaps that will even go over the comic 200 mark… you will see :slight_smile:
Today’s comic will be a comic I wanted to keep as one of those last good great ass-kicking comics… you will se :wink:

Great comic Alex :wink: