183rd comic - Garfield and Mrs. Feeny... it's been a long time... [Part 1]



Heya everybody,

oh I’m quite sure lots of you guys have been waiting for this moment. It’s sure time for Mrs. Feeny’s comeback again… … Garfield is sure ready to do some new bad (funny) things to Mrs. Feeny :iagree: so get ready and read for yourself!

Gimme, gimme feedback…



Great, our fat cat has a criminal record. :bigsmile:

Can’t wait what he’s gonna do.

@Alex, how are you doing, are you better?


LOL :bigsmile:

Just don’t drink the purple “kool-aid”… :eek: :Z

–And I LOVE the crazy-tongue-out-cheerleader smiley!!


Criminal record cat.

Wonder what it was???