$17.94 dvd media 25pk +rw or +/- R 50 pk @Staples



Maxell DVD +/- R 50 pk $17.94+tax US out the door - no rebate

Hp 4x dvd+rw 25 pk $17.94+tax US out the door - no rebates

Edit - sorry bout the twin post with the HP - didn’t think it took :frowning:


I don’t think these prices are effective until 4/17/2005.

I found the meaning of life the other day, but I had write-only access. /.


How does this media rate ?

Is it worth getting?

All I usually purchase are fuji mij dvd+r.


I wish there was an easier way to detect crappy media.


I have had good luck with the maxell +r. I haven’t used any of the hp but the +r should be cmcmage01 if it is 8x. I have had good luck with it under other brands. As far as the -r I have used the maxell mxlrg03 (what the 8x-r should be) to very limited extents but had good luck with it. The hp-r (if 8x) should be cmcmagae1 and again, I have used very little but it worked decent.


Just got back from Fayetteville, NC Staples store with MIJ Maxell 8X+ DVDs – Nero Infotool reads media code as Maxell 002 discs – which will burn @ 12X on my NEC3500AG. :bigsmile: