16X Writers Roundup with Verbatim 16X DVD+R! NEC trails Pioneer

wow … CD-Freaks steered me wrong on the NEC … say it ain’t so.

Drive works great. I wouldn’t know what to do the extra seconds or care to measure the difference in a chart with a micro measuring device.

Was some entertaining reading though.

Hey, Flamewar cool.

Realnewbie, if you are going to escalate this to a proper fight, let everyone know where and when. I haven’t seen a good geek fight in months. Maybe I could video you getting your ass kicked and it will be like the new “Bum Wars”.

Jesus, just shut the hell up and get over it already. I’ve never seen such a whiny idiot like you, seriously. If reading my posts is such a problem to you, put me on your ignore list and save us your pointless, off-topic drivel absolutely nobody gives a flying rat poo about.

P.S.: For those who really care (whoever that may be), this thread is what this genius is talking about.

This is now becoming very tedious, and apparently going around in circles. :slight_smile:

EDIT : Flaming each other won’t help either :cop:

Well, it doesn’t, you are right. But holding grudges (because you are an insecure little idiot…oops, sorry) for absolutely ridiculous reasons (because I told him to read the same thread carefully to find a ton of answers to his questions, he started to insult me; check out the link) and starting a personal vendetta by posting completely off-topic “attacks” on me in different threads (while I was ignoring him and his posts, although I could have said a lot here, for example (where he tried to start shit with people again) doesn’t help either.

Sorry for not going the Gandhi route, but guys like these get on my nerves.

Since nobody seems to be interested in discussing this topic anyway, this thread is now closed.