16X Writers Roundup with Verbatim 16X DVD+R! NEC trails Pioneer


2 bad news for NEC lovers in 1 day.

NEC 3500A does not own the best writing quality. That title goes to Pioneer.

Should get a Pioneer or LG couple weeeks ago. :a

LiteOn 832s
Cyberdrive DX082
Liteon 166s

Huh? Those tests were posted over a month ago.

Should get a Pioneer or LG couple weeeks ago. :a
If those tests worry you, you probably should’ve read the thread :wink:

realnewbie, your threads are nothing but trolling. There was a review by c’t magazine just recently, and the NEC ND-3500 had the best burning quality of all drives tested, And no, c’t does not use KProbe / Plextools / whatever for their disc quality tests, but high end CATS equipment most, if not all, online mags can’t or don’t want to afford.

If you are not satisfied with your drive, sell it and buy a different one. But stop your trolling threads, it’s getting annoying.

when more true 16x media come up, the f/w needs to be tweaked again.

@packetloss, this is hardly trolling.

I am just tried to share some info here with other newbies. I guess it is too much for NEC lovers like you. What is the matter, can not take criticism! If NEC is really as good as you claimed, you don’t have to get offended, let’s openly discuss this baby, just let the facts speak for themself!

@Bronzed, this review appears on the frontpage at CDRInfo just today. Why didn’t you share it with us if you encountered while back? :confused:

They updated the test, and if I remember correctly it has been posted here on CDFreaks a while ago (the first test that is).

No, the fact that it’s been updated appears on the front-page. Learn to read.

Why didn’t you share it with us if you encountered while back?

Yes, it’s been rude of me not to copy every single post from the cdrinfo forums to these forums. My apologies all.

Perhaps you should stop twisting the facts first.

Bronzed summed it up perfectly. And I’m no “NEC lover”, I wrote about the strenghts and weaknesses (e.g. the rather average reading capabilities) of this drive very often. What you are doing here is not “criticism”, you are doing nothing else but trolling, starting two threads about reviews that are either old and well known already, or completely pointless and unobjective, to “prove” that your whining is justified, and to provoke reactions by users in this forum which of course can’t and won’t take you seriously.

If you had criticised the weaknesses of this drive in an objective manner (and no, “Should get a Pioneer or LG couple weeeks ago” isn’t objective), I don’t think that anybody here would have had a problem with that. The thing is, you don’t even have any problems with this drive, you are just whining about other drives being “better”, and having done the wrong purchase. Sorry, but that’s not even threadworthy -> you are not satisfied, either bring it back to your dealer (if possible still), or sell it. “Problem” solved.

bronzed, you are starting to irritate me. If you don’t have anything constructive to say, just shut up.

packetloss, you seem like a respectable figure around here, yet once and while, you dish out stuff like these. With your knowledge, if you learn to present yourself like Code64k or other mods, and distance yourself from low life like bronzed, you might start going place.

I am no mod, I am no “respectable figure”, I’m nothing more or less than you and most other people in this forum are (and even if I were a mod, this wouldn’t change anything either). I just agreed with Bronzed’s last post, that’s all. Besides, this is a discussion forum. Just because people disagree on certain matters, it doesn’t mean that they should act like “enemies” and start vendettas against each other. I wrote why your initial post annoyed me, this doesn’t mean that I think you to be a bad person, or that I disrespect you in any way (hell, I don’t know you even).

If you got it that way, you got it wrong. Hope this is clear now.

LOL, :iagree: I thought so. No hard feeling really!

Good. :slight_smile:

Well then, does this mean realnewbie is gonna lay off any further ridiculous post?

Kool! :cool: :cool: :cool:

It’s an interesting review. The 3500 was $74. For that price, plus the loyal following and available firmwares, it’s the bargain of the century. Even if some other DVDs do some things better. FWIW, I haven’t ripped at 16x waiting for the media to come down in price. However, some points in that review do not jibe with my experience.

An analogy would be which is the better car an M3 or Camry.

No this guy (Pocketloss) goes around and start getting in people’s neeve and act as he knows all. This is not the first time he is jumping all over the people; I had the same problem with him few days ago. This guy must learn the forum is the place that people express their own point of view and their own rationale about the drive or any other subject. Everybody is entitle to his/or option and is not business of some body else to jump all over her/his.

Where does this cheap shot come from? “ridiculous post”, maybe to NEC fanatic like you.

I was merely agreed with packetloss about everyone is entitled to his/her opinion. This is a public forum, so behave.

I slaughtered few bastards at other forums. Do you happen to be one of them??? :bigsmile:

Hey; What happen to Moderators, this place getting ofly hot and little bit out of control where people being insulted and bslaughtered.

Be carefull boy…