16X vs 8X

I’ve made a previous thread about this , but I don’t think I’ll revive it.

Anyway , I’ve had TYG03 for ages bought them in bulk of 100 but the scans I get from them are sucky compared to verbatim which are like half the price.

My question am I getting crap results because of the 16X media, it seems that 8X verbatim are way more consistent than 16X verbatim or TY. I’m using a PX716A

I ask because I see people with awesome scans with 16X media burnt @ 12,16,18

  1. MCC003 @ 8X
  2. TYG03 @ 16X
  3. MCC 03RG20 @ 16x

I wouldn’t call those scans crap, they just aren’t as nice looking as the MCC003. The discs are probably playable, though we’d need to see PIF and transfer rate tests to be sure.

I’d be burning the 16x media slower. @16x it’s always going to be hard to get a better scan than an 8x disc that’s been written @ 8x.

I’ve had some 16x burns that when scanned, had very low PIE and PIF comparable to 8x burns. Those must have been some really good discs.


The ‘[I]crapness[/I]’ of the writing quality scans can be dependant on what the purpose of the media is. For archival, I would personally not use either of the 16x media (written at 16x anyway). For other purposes, I don’t care at all (as long as it is readable on the intended playback device).

Yeh , I had the funny idea that it was easy to get good scans on 16X but I’ve learnt my lesson going to use 8X for archival purposes.