16x vs 8x DVD burning?



Which would be better? I know some people say for audio, lower speeds are better but what about image burning or data burning? Am I trading quality for speed?

Btw, I’ll be using TY media with a LG drive :slight_smile:


I tend to go for 12x for all my 16x +R media , the burn quality is perhaps slightly better and the time difference isn’t really significant.

The key really is quality media & TY is overall pretty good. The TY T02 has always been excellent and the newer TY T03 I find is also very good , although some reckon it’s more variable. Don’t really know about the -R TY media as I’ve used so little -R media.


Newer LGs like 16x burning.
Most discs give slightly better results at 12x though, so I second [B]TimC[/B].

Keep in mind that the Renesas chipset LG drives don’t support 12x DVD-R (dash format) burning but 12x DVD+R burning.
But the Panasonic chipset LG drives support 12x with both DVD-R and DVD+R.


I’m using the 4165B so it should be Renesas. Most likely would be using the +R TY03. How bout 12x compared to 8x then? Time is not a problem for me, I won’t mind spending 30 mins burning a full dvd if it needs that time to achieve best quality :slight_smile:


Use 12x. :slight_smile:
Don’t use 4x or 2x, this would only be looking for trouble as most DVD writers are optimized for high speeds.


I second that.


i’m burning at 8x, because i’m using an old 1 GHz Celeron with 384 Meg of RAM, so higher speed doesn’t seem to be safe to me.
i did some testing at 4x and the PIE/PIF rates seemed to be a little a higher than at 8x


I tend to use 8x or 12x generally, but this can change depending on the burner and media I use.


I do that too

I burn MCC004 Prodisc made @12X because it gives the best result (PIF/PIE/jitter) and burn TYG03 @ 8X because of the same reason
Anyway I always test new batches of media at various speeds with my two burners , and it can greatly differ from batch to batch


I get the opposite - THe lower speed I burn my YUDEN000T03 the more PIE/PIFs I get and higher jitter. I burn my 16x TYs at 16x or 18x, and sometimes 20x, and when I do so I get outstandingly good PIE/PIF, PIF totals in the 2 digits, PIE totals of 8k for a full disc and PIE aveages of 0.80 - When I burn at 8x or 12x I will get PIE totals in the hundreds of thousands if not more and a jitter level higher by 1.5%. :smiley: Maybe problems apply with other 16x media, but with my TH0021 batch TY DVD+R 16x, and my 20A1P, they burn excellent at 16x, 18x and 20x.


Damn, both my LG and old Pioneer can’t do scans :frowning:


This discussion is one of those that comes up often. For 16x media, with most burners they seem to perform their best around 8-12x. I burn most of my 16x media at 8x, sometimes 12x in my burners. Pioneers can perform scans, but they’re pretty limited. Even so, it would probably be enough to get an idea of how your burns compare at different speeds on your own burners. Otherwise, 8x or 12x is typically the safest choice in getting the best results (that’s not to say that 16x+ is bad).


Nope, my old pioneer gives me some error and stuff. Even scan disc fails :frowning: