16X Verbatim - MCC004 in 3500

Both discs written at 16X in NEC 3500 2.17 fw. I had read a couple times that you couldn’t write the full 16X in USB2.0 enclosures, but i had no problem doing it :smiley:

Very nice scans JDaMan. Which firmware version are you using, and what is the brand/chipset of your ext. enclosure?

And another one here:


I’m using the 2.17 firmware. The enclosure is a Bytecc, which is right here:

JDaMan, I initially looked at getting the Bytecc enclosure (USB2/FW), but I read the Oxford 911 chip doesn’t do so well with optical drives. What is your take on this, and with the Bytecc enclosure, has flashing the drive been pretty straightforward w/o little to no problems?

I’m thinking about getting the StorTecc enclosure w/ Prolific chipset from Dealsonic.com. Which of the two (if you know) is a better match for the 3500? Btw, excellent scan pchilson. Looks great :smiley:

Interesting. :wink:
While you are on it, can you post a picture of a “DataDisc” created in Nero CD/DVD Speed (F9)?


BTW, upgrade to latest KProbe 2.4.2. :cool:


i haven’t had any problems at all flashing to different firmwares, it has been really simple/flawless using Binflash. I actually never really looked into the differences between external enclosures, because i bought mine before i even found this forum :o


thanks for the heads up on the newer version of kprobe :bow:

i haven’t really messed with Nero cd/dvd speed, but i will see what i can do :slight_smile:

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Messy… no way.

Nero CD/DVD Speed is THE ONE and only, simply the best tool you can have in your DVD toolbox. :cool:

And a KProbe scan should always be accomplished wit a transfer rate test in Nero CD/DVD Speed.

Happy burning. :slight_smile:

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Well, i ran the CD/DVD test and got the results, but i can only save the test as a Binary (.dat) or a Text (.csv) and i can’t upload either of these.

Any suggestions Pinto?


Heres my Nero CD/DVD screen shot: Is there anything i can do to prevent that little delay, 3/4 the way through the dvd? Or does that just happen sometimes?

@JDaMan, that’s absolutely nothing to worry about. A near perfect tranfer rate curve. :slight_smile:

@pinto2, I believe you meant to say “accompanied” with a transfer-rate test ? :smiley:

Just tried out some Verbatim Mcc04 today in my NEC3500 which is in an external enclosure. Unfortuantely, I’m not quite getting 16X burns wth my external enclosure. I had to settle for 12X. And this is after I had purchased this one because of problems with another enclosure. Consider yourself lucky that everything went right the first time around. :slight_smile:


It appears JDaMan’s Bytecc enclosure uses the Ali Chipset since he has the USB2 only version. I found this info on CDLabs forum and was posted by dodec…

USB/Firewire combo units, use Prolific chipsets.

Firewire only units, use Oxford 911 chipsets.

USB only units, use Ali chipsets.

Yea guys, i can’t believe i am able to burn my discs at the full 16X. I don’t know how many different times i read that i would only be able to burn at 12X since i have a USB2.0 connection, guess i got lucky by choosing the enclosure out of the blue :eek:

Would still like to see a datadisc creation graph from CDSpeed, just to “confirm” that it is actually burning at 16x.

So for the CDSpeed test, do i just instert a blank DVD and have it write about 4GB of data and it will test it?

nevermind, i started the test

Check your options in CDSpeed and be sure it is set to write at max speed, (default), then just click the “Datadisc” test and it will burn a full disc.

I ran the test, and it built up alright until it hit 14.90X, and then it dropped off to about 10X and started back up, ending at 12X.

So does this mean that it really didn’t write at 16X?

Well either way, the discs playback fine in my standalone so it doesn’t really matter how fast they were written.

Nero CD/DVD Speed 3.50 is out… :wink:

And you just push the floppy symbol at top of app. :cool: