16x TY media, 8x burner... what speed should I burn at?

simple question… I have 16x TY DVD-R media, but my burner is only rated at 8x… what speed should I burn my backup movies at?

Either you have a very old drive, or you are using a slim/laptop drive.

If your burning program will allow you to burn at 6x, that is what I would try first. 8x will probably also work with TY.

Yes I am using a slot loading slim drive that came with an HP Touchsmart… I have burned ridata 16x media no problem at 8x… but just because it WILL burn is it recommended to burn 16x media at 8x on a 8x drive? Will the burn quality be any different if it were 16x media at 8x on 16x drive?

I only ask because I read that you should burn slower than the write speed of the drive, but at the same time I read you should burn at the speed the media is rated for… in my case they clash… Will I get a quality burn on my 8x drive with 16x media burned at 8x?

Your options are limited by the drive. There probably won’t be much difference between the 6x and 8x burns. If you had a burner with scanning abilities, you could test a few disks and confirm this, but using TY media I think you should be ok here.

The other option is simply to buy TY 8x media. I prefer TY 8x +R disks over any other type of disks anyway. You can find them at online shops like rima.com or supermediastore.com.