16x Taiyo Yuden -R dvds

Anyone notice these 16x Taiyo Yudens at accaproducts.com?


Just curious if anyone has tested a few at 16x.

Edit: Oops, found a few in the media testing thread. Nevermind.

Some of those posted test are mine. I’ve found that the G03, like most -R, does not always like burning at lower speeds. It performs very much like G02 at 12x on my drives.

One interesting note is the results I got with it in my new PAnasonic set-top recorder. HERE
I didn’te expect such good results at 1x.

I have a 50pack, but I still have about 5 G02s left before I crack open the G03s. If NEC would hurry up with the 3500 firmware I would post some scans.