16X Sony +R ID's as D21...what ARE they tho?

I just cracked a 50pk of these.
Much to my chagrin, as I was not paying attention to the rest of the label
when I was shopping, and just looking for MIJ - I didn’t notice the rated at 1-16X gold brand. They ID’ed as Sony Corporation D21. :doh:

Does anyone here know WHO made them, and where they sit in the scheme of things?
I might be running to BB to pricematch for some TY’s and taking the 16X back if I can’t find out.

Sony’s own Recording Media Company. Don’t know where the plant is, but their offices and media testing lab are in Miyagi Prefecture, near Sendai and some 300 kilometers north of Tokyo.

They won’t scan as cleanly as TY media, but they are very good nonetheless. Never had a problem with D21s… so, personally, I wouldn’t sweat over this or drive back to the store.

Right on.
I burnt a few, and I have to agree. Not TY, but close. So, they stay. :clap: