16x read speed with benq 1620 is it ok for the drive (could something go wrong)?

I wanted just ask if the 16x read speed patch from the MCSE a good thing is or is it risky and shortens the lifetime of the drive ?

We will tell you after our drives have died. :slight_smile:
Seriously, why would it be a bad thing to read at the speed the drive was made for? Is is not like overspeeding, just an artificial barrier that is removed.


lol…or after some disc smashes to smiiterins…

It seems very unlikely that the ability to read burnt discs at 16x will shorten the lifespan of the drive. After all, the drive reads pressed DVD’s at 16x. As a previous poster commented, it’s not as if the drive was never made to read media at that speed.

Just my $.02.

It’s kinda like removing a rev limiter on a car you buy. The car is designed to go 230kph, and you can only do it on the track, but the damn limiter is set to 170@#@%!#. No I don’t race much :smiley:

It burns them @16X, right?


Quick question:

I “updated” my Benq 1620 with speedpatched firmware B7U9.
It`s rippng at full speed now but sometimes it spins down for a few seconds in a way, that you can hear it.
After that, it spins up and reaches full reading-speed again. Is this normal or should it read at full-speed all the time ?
Source is a pressed video-DVD with no scratches or something else.



Hmm ok so it seems i can speedpatch it without a great risk thanks :o

Just watch your head on disc ejecting. :bigsmile:

I have seen tests with CD-R’s that were spun up faster then they were rated and the disks sometimes shattered, destroying the drive in the process. I don’t see why the same could not be true for DVD media. By the way, the tests were done on Myth Busters on A&E or Descovery channel I think.

I believe this to be normal.

Scanning pressed DVDs will always show PI Errors, so they cannot be assumed to be perfect even if there are no scratches visible.

Also, the drive is now reading near the limits of its capability, so there will be more occasions where it will slow down to try and resolve what it might consider to be a marginal burn.

In general, I wouldn’t worry too much about it unless the symptoms become worse. And even then, you can always flash back to the stock firmware if you feel that your drive does not work well at this higher reading speed.

Thank you !

That`s what I thought…