16x +R Taiyo Yuden media from Plextor

Plextor Europe has announced +R 16x (Taiyo Yuden) disks (Spindles of 25 or 50 pcs, scratch protected and capable of 18x writing in the 760a):


Nice to know a secure source for the ‘real’ stuff :bigsmile:

uhhh … yeah … I gotta have 250 of these :bigsmile:

From the press release:

Plextor also announces its new 16x DVD+R media which are capable of burning at market-leading speeds of up to 18x with the latest generation of 18x Plextor PX-760 series drives. [The premium PX-760 series are the World’s fastest DVD-ReWriters to date and include the ATAPI/IDE PX-760A and the Serial ATA PX-760SA.] In line with Plextor’s high quality and high reliability standards, the discs are manufactured for Plextor by Taiyo Yuden, one of the World’s leading and best known media companies. Plextor 16x DVD+R media is available in 25x and 50x spindle packs.

“The premium PX-760 series”

Like their premium cd burner? I hope that’s what they mean, although I don’t think that they intended it. If they do make a “premium” dvd burner, I hope it’s somewhat as good as their cd burner.

That seems to be the problem:

In line with Plextor’s high quality and high reliability standards …

love to get my hands on a crate of these…however, i fear the price of Plextor branded media will probably prohibit me from doing so…

Like at www.feurio.de, Plex disks are > 1 €

yeah, a while ago zevia and a some of us were discussing where to get Plextor branded 8x +R discs here in the states and prices showed 5pk jewel cased blanks for ~$15 which is $3/disc…way too much even if the price has been reduced 50%, $1.50 for a SL 8x DVD+R is still way too much considering how cheap unbranded TY and/or other branded TY are…

Alternate.de sells spindles of 50 pcs. 16x Plextor DVD+R for 39,50€

How much shipping to the US? :stuck_out_tongue:

I fear, shipping to areas outside the EU will cost too much to buy only 50 … :bigsmile:

Cool! :slight_smile:
They’re not available yet though, and the shipping costs are too high to order only 50 discs, even within Germany. :frowning: