16x media! Write at 8x, why?

Hi, i am new, but have done a search here and with google, because i read some posts here that seem to imply that i should write at 8x even with media that is 16x.
Can someone please clarify on this or guide me towards some info?

Basically, writing 16x media at 12x or 8x rather than 16x generally produces a higher quality burn.

^Not necessarily… it’s a bit of a crapshoot. Some 16X media works fine at 16X, and sucks at lower speeds.

General recommendation is 12x for most 16x media & there’s so little to be gained in burn time by bumping the speed to 16x.

Obviously this depends heavily on the media , the burner & it’s firmware.

Using a quality burner & quality media (eg Taiyo Yuden & Verbatim) will give good results at or around the rated speed.

Some 8x media (eg Taiyo Yuden T02) will burn very well on some burners at 16x while other 8x media will burn very poorly at it’s rated speed.

But the number of combinations of 16x rated media and DVD burners that produce better results at 16x than at 12x is vanishingly small. I can only think of one example personally.

For the vast majority of 16x media and DVD burners, the result when burning at 12x is at least as good or better than when burning at 16x.

Burning 16x media at 8x is not quite as clear, but in my experience you are still a lot more likely to get the best burn at 8x than at 16x.

Oh, i see, so have my media rated 16x burn at 12x the most! Al my media is Verbatim, but i will take you guys advice and burn at 12x.
So i take that my other media rated 8x or 4x i should burn at lower speeds?
And when i back some of my DVDs with DVDShrink and Nero, there i don’t see where i can choose a lower speed! :smiley:
Thanks again!!

this depends heavily on the media , the burner & it’s firmware.

Agreed; the best solution is to see what works best for you. Scan your burns to see what kind of QS you have. (NERO CD/DVD Speed tool) Also, I have found that some burning programs automatically limit or “set” the burn speed at what the media/burner can handle.

Cheers, katzz :slight_smile:

Fabio, again it depends on your burner and the media in question. If you have a burner that can do FE/TE testing, such as a BenQ 1640 under QSuite 2.1, or a Plextor (and example would be the 716, and the 712, IIRC), run the FE/TE test and you’ll get a graph. In the BenQ drive, you’ll get a maximum line both the FE and TE should not cross. However, both scans in the BenQ models and Plextor models that support it will tell you if it’s “ok” to burn the media at the speed you tested it at. This is one of the few ways to know for sure if your burner will burn it at that speed with reasonably good quality.

Interesting. MCC004 @ 16X and 12X in my 1640 is about the same.I’ve also tried MCC03RG20… same thing. Which media-burner combo do you refer to when you mention 16X better than 12X?

Of course, you’ve probably used more 16X media than I have. I’ve only used 16X Verb and MBI media.

OT - Verbs here are CMC made… MBI isn’t allowed to sell their own manufactured discs in the home market. Sadly, the CMC stocks are vanishing already, replaced by Prodisc. Plenty of the older 8X CMC stuff available though.

How is it possible that 1640 burn @ 16X without those horrible spikes of PIF ? :confused:

Dunno. They come out quite well with BSLB. I’m away from home, but if you’re willing to wait 3 months, I’ll post some scans :wink:

LiteOn SHW-1635S and Plextor branded Taiyo Yuden 16x DVD+R (YUDEN000 T03) with some early firmware. The difference wasn’t huge but it was noticeable that the burn quality at the start of the disc, where the slowest burning speed occurs, had a slightly elevated PIE level on the 12x burns compared to the 16x burns.

As I said earlier, it’s the only example I can think of personally, where 16x burns produced better quality than 12x burns.

DrageMester: These PIE graphs will be in an ugly U shape at 12x even with YS0W!
The only way to get them doing better is by enabling HT and OHT. :slight_smile:

I’m not really sure what point you’re trying to make?

If your point is that HyperTuning and Online-HyperTuning improve burns with YUDEN000 T03 on LiteOn 1635S burners, then I agree about HT. I’m not sure if OHT makes a difference, however.

If your point is something else, then I didn’t get it - please explain.

We may be getting a bit far off the topic of this thread, however.

In my experience it does make a difference, I’ve been getting nicer results with the newest beta firmware and HT/OHT enabled.
And in my experience, the burn graphs at 12x are not only slightly elevated at the start, but also towards the end… that’s what I wanted to say ^^"

Yes… let’s get back to topic then :slight_smile: