16x media or 8x Taiyo Yuden

Depending upon the batch of discs I have had either great or mixed success using Taiyo Yuden R+ 8x. I need to buy a new batch of discs and don’t mind burning at 8x. Could I expect a more consistent buring success rate if I went ahead and bought the R+ 16x version of the discs (and still burned at 8x)? The price isn’t that different. I have a BenQ 1620 burner with the W firmware.

Thanks for any comments.

I think that with that burner you should buy the 8x media.

I’m not sure that 1620 firmware have a good support for 16x TY media.

Ok-thanks geno. To be clear though…even if I bought the 16x media I would still plan to burn at 8x. I’m curious if ppl think that the 16x media would be more robust at 8x then the 8x media…

geno or anyone else care to chime in?

older is better :slight_smile:

What geno888 was saying was are you sure your drive supports 16x media. If it doesnt you will get a cannot recognize disk response or something similar and you will be returning your disks. Check drive capability with Disk Identifier.

Liquid, geno-according to Nero InfoTool (and as I thought) the BenQ 1620 drive can read/write at 16x. So-given that, is there any difference between writing at 8x on a 16x vs writing at 8x on an 8x? It sounds like a stupid question but it seems to me that a 16x disc would have to be designed and spec’d to a higher quality than an 8x so I was thinking I might get more reliable burns…no?


I own a 1620 drive myself and have used both 8x & 16x +R TY media with it. Firmware support for 16 +R TY is IMO, approximately the same as most newer drives so it is not an issue.

I would choose the 8x +R TY media [I]instead[/I] of 16x +R TY for 2 main reasons:

[li]Historically better batch consistency
[/li][li]Potentially superior longevity

ok taiyo yuden owns all. always choose genuine TY media over everything else

What I mean is that older drives don’t have the right support for TY 16x media, and not for 16x media in general.

For what I know, 1620 firmware is not more updated, so because of TY 16x media were introduced rather recently, probably the 1620 firmware will not burn them correctly.

But if I remember correctly, the benq 1620 is able to burn 8x TY media with excellent results :iagree:

Sorry if my previous answer wasn’t enough clear :flower:

In my experience the 16x Taiyo Yuden media work fine with a BenQ DW1620 B7W9 as I said in this post. :slight_smile:

oops :o

Thanks everyone…