16x Media for the 4163B

Does anyone have any experience with 16x media on the 4163B. I haven’t had much success with Verbatim 16x so maybe someone could enlighten me as to what media burns close to 16x with firmware 104.

Verbatim should be burning well in the 4163B. Here are some recent scans of Memorex (CMC), Verbatim (MCC), and TDK (TDK) 16x media, all burned at 16x by 4163B, with recording times varying from 5:20 to 5:35. As you can see, Verbatim, both +R and -R, has the lowest error rates.

In the US, 16x Memorex media is available at Best Buy, Staples, Office Depot; 16x TDK media at CompUSA.

You can check this:

Plus RICOHJPNR03: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=1015338&postcount=180

There may be a bad batch of Verbatim 16x -r going round in Europe. I reported some bad results earlier, and just made another coaster (with 172 PO failures) burning them at 16x with my GSA-5163d. The LG cannot burn these at 12x, so I now only use my BenQ 1620 for the MCC03RG20 media.
My 16x +r Verbatims are fine, but even those I always burn at 12x because the results are slightly better and it only takes half a minute more.

Are there retail chains in Western Europe like Best Buy, Staples, Office Depot, CompUSA, and some others in the States? There were once a few like them in South Korea but none survived for long.

We have staples in the UK - stationary + some computer gear , we have a lor of local net dealers really , bit poor when it comes to actual decent shops

pcworld is the shop for the man in the street , pretty rubbish really

www.dabs.com is probably the biggest net retailer if you want to look

have to say they package there items really well , looks like automated packaging to me

Kenshin - the LG 4163B - in your opinion - verb -r 8* & 16* = ok ?

i’ve just bought the drive and will be dvd-raming as well but i have loads of verb -r 8* to use up


Too many different countries here for really large chains. There are lots of small chains in the Netherlands, which come and go every couple of years. And we have Office Centre for business customers.
Quality media at an affordable price = online shops. They use a loophole, letting us import our own dvd’s, so we don’t pay special duties.

Ic. It’s similar to the situations in Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, and other small countries but Europe in general seem to do better because it’s easier to move things among the EU countries. Among Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan, we need to fly or cross the sea, and well… South Korea’s still technically at war with the North. It was remotely due to the North threat that the largest computer chain in South Korea suddenly went to the black hole (and also that Samsung had to sell their automobile business to Renault.)

GARYP2P, Mitsubishi 8x and 16x are OK with GSA-4163/5163. Verbatim’s just one brand of Mitsubishi Chemical just as That’s is a brand of Taiyo Yuden. Mitsubishi media are all Mitsubishi media but some Verbatim are not Mitsubishi really.

Hm. dabs.com has a front page that says this:

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You two share a long undersea tunnel. :bigsmile:

Kenshin - ya got me m8 !

also - http://www.overclockers.co.uk they have a very good forum

some would say they pack there items in a shocking manner but i couldnt possibly comment . . . a hard drive dangling in a 4 ft jiffy bag is not quite state of the art in my book , but i digress !


thank god for the net to find items you need , imagine if we had to depend onour “local” shops !

thanks for the media comments

Some of my friends (myself as well) in Seoul used to import DVD writers and DVD media from Japan, US, and Taiwan. Pioneer, Toshiba, NEC drives, and Verbatim, Princo, TDK, Mitsubishi, Taiyo Yuden media… BTW, automated packaging for DVD media is really a good idea. Most South Korean resellers of DVD media use their own hands and that’s why I always prefer boxes of DVD media never opened after leaving manufacturer’s factories. Even LG GSA-4163B units in South Korea that people who look for lower prices are mostly imported back from overseas because LG charges a lot more for South Koreans.

On that note, I get most media from os.mediatrade.de as they have real TY and other good media that are still rare… but when I ordered a 25 pack of TY, they arrived in a cheap container without a spacer, so a lot of friction during transport, and there was some dust inside the container. I suspect they repack to smaller containers in a less than dustfree environment. Since that time, I also prefer sealed containers, usually 50 pcs Verbatim or 100 pcs TY.
About re-importing: I order Colour Protection Spray from the same German supplier because it is cheaper than ordering direct from the factory, which is located in my home town.

One way to bypass such a ridiculous system is to visit the local traders and manufacturers directly and talk to the owners and managements. :bigsmile: When I have time, I often do that and as little as 10-20% and as much as 70-90% discount (well, not really discount in the normal sense) is instantly done. The city of Inchon is often regarded small by South Korean standard but it still has a few million population and a lot of factories, importers, ships, planes, truck companies so most things could be done without crossing the city border ever.

Anyway, I’ve looked at the current prices of 16x DVD+R and 16x DVD-R media in South Korea. Lots of 16x media prices have fallen to between US$1 and US$0.5 in the recent few weeks. Now, even Mitsubishi, Sony, Ricoh, Taiyo Yuden, BeAll 16x media of Plus or Dash standard can be bought at around US$1 and under US$1 in mass quantity (like a few hundred disks shipped at once) and Taiwanese 16x media cost around US$0.5. I haven’t heard of any mainland Chinese media manufacturer starting 16x DVD media volume production but they’ll surely ultimately make average 16x DVD media price to OEM buyers to under US$0.2. Recent news about media price increase is simply based on group efforts to fix price which is illegal in the United States and EU but not so illegal and not even regularly regulated in some East Asian countries. If oil price were that criticical, nobody in the West should be able to buy CD-R media at under US$0.1 per disk anymore.

The good side of all this is that, finally, even LG 16x DVD burner users of GSA-4160B and GSA-4163B can now find affordable media performing at the fastest possible speeds (among the consumer PC optical drives released so far.) Whether it’s better to burn That’s (of Taiyo Yuden) YUDEN000T02 at 16x in DW1620 Pro or ND-3500A, or to burn CMC Mr. Data (CMC Magnetics retail brand) 16x media at 16x in GSA-4163B is another issue. It’s sad that consumers (in some countries) had to wait over one year to find 16x DVD media at this price. Among the major reasons for that, without the hesitation between DVD+R(W) and DVD-R(W) standards, it would have been much earlier which immensely caused manufacturers like LG and CMC to wait and see for one or two years.