16x LightScribe Too light!

I just bought some 16x LightScribe 1.2 coating blanks and also updated the system software and contrast utility. The images turn out lighter than 8x blanks without the contrast utility…Is this 1.2 coating just a thinner cheaper layer??? It does not burn as dark! No wonder it burns faster…

ELCU doesn’t change the LS capabilities, it just renames the settings. Using ELCU will not allow you to get the same result faster. :disagree:

What i am saying is. 1.2 coating is not as clear as the regular LS 8x discs. They are cheaper…You can even see the difference by comparing them.

I was curious though if anyone has a way of getting 16x looking as good as 8x. With the utility…What is the best disc to use??? i have been using Verbatim with all my burns.

Another thing…Does anyone have any problems with 16x where the drive does not recognize it when you lightscribe?

I realize this is an old thread, but I’m working with a BENQ DW1655 with ELCU, and Verbatim 16x LS Media. Burns are very good, but I can never really seem to get a blacker black or more contrasty difference. Am I expecting too much from Lightscribe? Some of the pictures of completed disks look much darker (could be a bit of photo magic), or perhaps the source image I’m using should be different? Even Disks I’ve done with straight black text aren’t “black”. Any advice? FW on 1655 is BCBG… THanks

Jay S.

Better wait for Darkscribe burners :stuck_out_tongue:


My buddy has a Light-Scribe burner. He says he ALWAYS has to run it in either super-high quality mode, or burn the label repeatedly (apparently it always lines up perfectly) in order to get dark enough results.

That said, he also thinks that the thing fades over time. Stuff he labeled with Light-Scribe 6 months ago is faded pretty badly he says.

Right now he’s looking into getting some of that new “Glossy” coated stuff - the new type of Printable CD’s and DVD’s that do not smudge or stuff when they get wet. Kinda like how glossy photo-paper doesn’t.

He figures he can buy an Epson printer for like $99 that can handle printable disks and then find 50 packs of those printable disks with the new surface and get better results.

I wonder…

That is correct BK!!
All he has to do is re-insert the disc and etch the Lightscribe label again.
Keep repeating the process as many tims as required to achieve satisfaction.
More contrast is obvious with each repetition of the labelling process.

Either that or just don’t use the Lightscribe feature.
I don’t.
I can’t see burning data to a disc in just over 6 minutes then spend over an hour labelling it.

Excellent point.

My Sharpie is done in like 6 seconds. :slight_smile:

Great… I’ll do that… Would you let me know if you hear it is coming out anytime soon? :rolleyes:

Thank you… I’m only using it for the ones where I want to include some form of artwork on the CD or DVD… Artistic with a Sharpie, I’m not. :slight_smile:

Jay S

His little joke was funny though, don’tcha think?

It seems that more of those “glossy” printable CD/DVD’s are starting to be made, meaning none of the smearing and smudging when you print them on an Ink Jet printer. That’s what I’ve been holding out for, and I am kinda jazzed, hoping that more and more vendors will start releasing this type of printable media so we can finally be able to print directly to the disks without any compromises.

Until then, hang in there. :slight_smile:

Can anyone else confirm this? First I’ve heard of the fading thing… :frowning:

Just did a GOOGLE search with the words LIGHTSCRIBE and FADING and found a bunch of stuff, including a PDF from Verbatim and a thread here on CD Freaks. Might try LIGHTSCRIBE and FADE too.

Google is your friend. :slight_smile: