16x Internal DVD ReWritable Drive With LightScribe™


Does anyone know who actually “produces” this drive? I know I/O Magic is just a re-packer. I just dont know how well they will keep up with firmware updates. I know there are a few pending in the near future…including one to spped up the scribing process.

From the name alone I’d say it’s a Philips/BenQ drive plus its specs match up to the BenQ/Philips drives, Philips own LS drive is called the Philips DVDR16LS you should be able to cross flash the drive with either BenQ’s 1625/Philips DVDR16LS firmware, BenQ’s firmware is slightly newer.

Go to the Unofficial BenQ firmware page download WinDWFlash and the BBEA.CVT file.

Using WinDWFlash flash the drive with the BBEA firmware which will convert it to a BenQ 1625 then download the latest BenQ 1625 firmware BBHA which will bring it right up to date.

(Please note doing this voids your warrenty)

Very kool dude…thanks for the tip…firmware flash went without a hitch. I’m burning an image as we type.

No problem, you can also now do disc quality scanning with Nero CD/DVD speed and use BenQ’s Q-Suite software which allows disabling the WOPC and some other usefull tricks, more info can be found in the FAQ in the BenQ/Philips sub-forum.

Very kool…

I got another question now…being the big pain in the ass that I am. Are the ben q and philips drives interchangable?..by that I mean…the review of the Philips drivers handeling of some tasks…ie…DL disk writing…are better. Is that purley firmware supiority of the part of philips…or is it internals of the drives are different? I’ll understand if i’m digging to deep with this.

The hardware is the same, the firmware is a bit different between the two & you can use Philips firmware as well.

The firmware revisions have moved on a bit since the reviews the best way to find out which burns the media better is to simply burn a disc and scan it yourself.

kool…thanks again. My cable blew out with the storms…which leaves me using netzero till thursday.