16x good media 100 dvd-r 16.99 freeshipping wow lowest price

Its never gonna get any lower
Lowest I’ve seen was 19.99 this is just insane :bow:

Read the reviews I for one would not buy this off brand dvds

Anybody know what the MID is on this Gearhead media? I checked Videohelp.com
and couldn’t find any info on Gearhead media at all :confused:

Don’t use -R much anymore. I too would guess the quality of this media since returns online are harder then instore purchases.

if there is a rating on this post, I would rate 2 thumbs down :Z :Z :Z
No deal here at all, what you really buying is recycled plastic

Worse deal and worse post ever in Bargain Basement

[QUOTE=sugarmommyst;1954985]Its never gonna get any lower
Lowest I’ve seen was 19.99 this is just insane :bow:[/QUOTE]

Is this a joke? :Z

[QUOTE=sugarmommyst;1954985]Its never gonna get any lower
Lowest I’ve seen was 19.99 this is just insane :bow:

[B]compared to me, everyone is a noob[/B]

Well , so these are the 3000+ burns you have done :bigsmile:

No wonder , you don’t like Scanning

The reason why I can burn so much Is because I don’t take 10 min or 20 min to scan a disc to see if the quality is good or not…
Out of 3000 burn I’ve made only 3 coaster
Not too shabby
Its a small price to pay and I’ve saved a lot of time
Besides their junk and could careless even if if 1500 burns or or 2000 burns are bad
actually i recently threw away 2800 disc because it got annoying
don’t need it.
i burn for fun
i don’t burn to keep it forever
That’s call skillz or experience
Hate to do quality scan
Love to burn as many as possible.

some people use crappy burner that is poor at burning this media
so the media is not to blame
its its their hardware
they need to buy a new burner
I’ve have a lot at my disposable
I should know because I love burners and media
Their like a toy to me

I burn to keep busy
I don’t burn to impress others with quality
see there’s a huge difference between me and most of ya
It doesnt mean i’m special its just my nature to experiment and do something for fun not for keepsakes… for enjoyment. for experience
called skills
or to keep you in a state of intensive labors

I consider myself very fortunate to be able to buy media this cheap at at 16x
Burning media is healthy we need to do it nonstop.

I think we have a real expert here.:bigsmile::rolleyes:

Post by sugarmommyst
I consider myself very fortunate to be able to buy media this cheap at at 16x
Burning media is healthy we need to do it nonstop.

 Poor media is 95% og the problems we encounter on this forum. If the media is not good , the burn will almost surely be the same. Some cheap media is made by other companys and is really good media. We have yet to find out what these are. 


If it’s MIT it’s most likely CMC MAG AM3.

Burn for fun eh? There is usually only one reason someone burns so many discs and doesn’t care what the quality is, it’s not for fun and I bet it isn’t legal either…


some people use crappy burner that is poor at burning this media
so the media is not to blame
its its their hardware
they need to buy a new burner

Educate us please [B]MASTER[/B] :bow:

What is the best burner to burn super-duper crap media that would play well for the next 200 years ? :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW : 16.99$ is not bargain , keeping an eye on retail media sales and combining them with coupons or PM can get you real bargains . My brother bought me 100 discs pack of Verbatim DVD-R 16X from OM for 15$ :bigsmile:

I understand the ‘need to burn’. I burned in excess of 20,000 DVD’s in
2007, 8,000 in 2006 as a volunteer for a non-profit for use in distributing
program material (yes, it’s legal).

I managed to keep the average cost below $.14 each which
is still a big chunk of change out of pocket. Archival longevity is not an
issue I worry about, but I haven’t seen any problems in the 2 years
I’ve been doing this.

The ‘secret’ is to buy media that [I]burns well with YOUR burners[/I] on
and buy it on a good sale. If it goes on a good sale, I buy a tube and
crank a batch out sunday afternoon, scan a few of the puppies and see
how they look. If they’re DVD video, I’ve got an old player that is very
demanding that I play them on. If it’s DVD data, I’ve got a 2000 vintage
laptop that’s picky as to what it reads and I’ll pop a few in it to see if they
read well. If they play/read well on them, I’ve found they’ll play/read on
anything. If they’re good, I buy as many as I can. Except for one tube
of TY’s (see below), I haven’t paid more than $.18/disk this year.

I stick to +r’s to cut down on testing, but I may have to change.

Notable buys-
Staples - Playo AML 002 and AML 003
at anywhere from $.08-.12ea, I think I bought 100 tubes of
CC- Nexxtech AML 003 (the black friday/weekend $.08ea/$3.99/tube
was SWEEET, I cleaned all 35 tubes off the shelves. I would have
ordered some if I could have (in-store only)
Recently, the Staples CMC +r’s are showing excellent quality and
consistency. The .18each less 12% customer appreciation
were low enough for me to stock about 90 tubes.

and believe it or not, the Staples MBI disks that went on sale last winter
gave the best quality scans I’ve ever seen (and I’ve squirrelled away
about 3000 of them). I bought a tube of TY’s for kicks one day and the
scans were about the same.

worst of the current house brands- Office Depot 16x +r Ritek. Quality
control is horrible (1-2 disks/100 with bad visual defects, 10-20% failures,
many/most scans just horrible/but readable)

Overall, I’m seeing a big increase in quality of the 16x disks since early
’07. I’ve been burning at 8x, but it appears that they’re now burning
reliably at 16x, so I may up the speed (and save at most 2min per run)

I’ve got 44 Lite-On SH-160P6s burners in 4 duplicator cabinets with
Wytron DVD 688 controllers (one cab is a carry-on size portable).
I’m trying to figure out what to do with the 10 Benq 1620’s I bought
cheap from Staples a month or so ago
I retired 22 BTC DVD1116/1016 burners after each had about 1,000
burns. They worked well at 4x with a number of different media.

As a point of reference for cost, there was an article in Taiwan (Digitimes)
last fall saying that CMC and Ritek were charging $.15-.16 per DVD to
their wholesale customers, so anything in the sub $.18 pricing grabs
my attention.


I look at it as a toy
Not a job
for fun nothing else.

I burn to freeup space
and and to back stuff in case my hd fail
so even if my hd fail
I’m 100 percent safe…
Its a backup device

lots of media = lots of extra space
Just shaking the hd or knocking it with my hand corrupts data
I’ve lost as much a 50gb on my 160gb hd.
You guys think ya the expert but I can prove you wrong
I a use all of burner
Most people only use 1 kind of burner
if its defective they wouldn’t know
if you got 2 or more burner you can compare the burn
my friend p2p is legal
use it anyway you like and if you say not legal that’s just your opinion
don’t have to agree with that.

its no use arguing about it… people are brainwashed and and they think paying for everything is a good thing
regardless if its useless or not…

I do not watch any tv, movies, or even music
they’re for sheeple and people like me i got betters thing to do with my freetime
i like to influence others like i’m doing now…
movies = brainwash fill you fantasy and corrupts your mind
thats exactly what it is
Technology should be used to educate us and to inform us of what’s going in the world not not for pleasure…

I ah got too much of that from video games already and could take no more.

I use my time to increase my intelligence by improving myself through experimentation like scientist
I am my own scientist.
You guys can watch all the movies until you drop dead but I’m going to do something for the good of all.
Lots of research and lots of secret techiques not well known to the public

that link is even cheaper now…

16.99 + free ship.

but im going to avoid them like the plague cause usually super cheap off brand media is usually CRAP. (or at the very least aint worth the risk)

There goes your intelligence
You thought it was 19.99 and is now 16.99?
That’s pretty funny

I just love reading this fictional story.

I also remember when sugarmommyst came here for help…

[QUOTE=sugarmommyst;1955350]There goes your intelligence
You thought it was 19.99 and is now 16.99?
That’s pretty funny[/QUOTE]

you talking to me? … cause i sure hope not cause this was one of the very few forums out there that generally dont “flame” people often and i hope it stays that way :wink: … and i just clicked the link and seen it was 16.99 now… i never said it was 19.99… maybe your talking to someone else?

but after reading all the post above… it appears you burn media for a totally different reason than most of the people on this forum burn them for… you burn for the heck (fun) of it, WE (as in most people on this forum) burn to keep data for a long time (probably at least 5+ years min, probably closer to 10+ years)

i aint saying ALL cheap media is total crap but it’s usually best to stick with known proven brands since like i said above… where concerned with longevity with our discs more than anything else.

and also, initial disc quality scans dont mean THAT MUCH as the scans sever months/years from now of those discs are what matters as they will give you a general pattern of how long a particular media code/brand of discs will roughly last :wink:

BUT assuming those discs in the original posters link last 5years ish… for that price it would not be a bad thing… cause for people who burn dvd media and only expect it to say last roughly 1 year or so and then they wont care about it… in there case it would be wiser to buy cheap media since they generally dont care about the data in the long term… but for the rest of us who would rather not take a risk with “important” data… we “play it safe” and use known quality media… thats the bottom line.

so whats this “intelligence” question your talking about?

This deal is good for him because he has different purpose than most of us in here. He burns for FUN, he disregard the quality and other factors that we look into media. So Folks, if you use media as Frisbees, Then this deal is for you, 100 Frisbees for $17. Your dog will grow 2 more sets of teeth for chewing on this many frisbee