16X external Burner speed? Please Help!

does an external burner have the same data transfer speed as an 16x internal? what i mean is will my burns take longer on an external?

external burners are limited by the speed of the USB interface, si it’s unlikely that 16x speed can be achieved

well i mean I normally burn at 8x anyway but will it take how much longer as in a regular internal one?

like it takes me 9 minutes to burn dvd at 8x with internal, but what would the closest difference be here?

No problem here to burn at 18x, but then it is a Samsung SE-184M USB2 drive… :wink:
Only a few seconds slower then a internal drive, (check out the same thread).

[I]Note,[/I] Intel ICH5 southbridge running on WinXP SP2 with M$ USB2 drivers.

This depends on the type of enclosure and the enclosures chipset. I have achieved the fastest TRT’s using Oxford 911+ over 1394 firewire. I have managed 20X burns with an LG-H55N in such and enclosure.

see I was thinking buying this BQ:


since I have an regular Cd-RW in my 4 year old dell model 4100

To know for sure you would have to do a burn with an external drive yourself & compare but generally speaking the difference if any @8X should be negligible. I have an external Plextor that will do an 8X burn in 8 minutes.

yeah I don’t know if I should just replace the internal dell CD-RW or get external without loosing to many time burning.

BenQ EW162I is a very good external drive. But first make sure your computer hardware can handle USB[B]2[/B] drives. :wink:
Otherwise you must also buy a PCI to USB2 add on card.

where do i find this info because it might be usb 1 i dont know? also drives that say lightscribe can only do lightscribe disks or normal ones too>? sorry about my english…

the computer is a dell 4550

by the info I found it has USB 2.0 ports so am I allset??


Dell Dimension 4550
REVIEW DATE: 12.03.02

Product: Dell Dimension 4550

Price: $1,000 street

Specifications: 2.4-GHz Pentium 4, 256MB DDR SDRAM, 40GB hard drive, nVidia GeForce4 MX 420 graphics chip set, CD-RW drive, six USB 2.0 ports, 17-inch CRT

Company Info: 800-388-8542; www.dell.com

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By Bill Howard

We have come to expect high quality from Dell. This time we aren’t as impressed as usual, though this is still a decent system. The Dimension 4550 has the fastest processor in our roundup—a 2.4-GHz Pentium 4—yet its performance on our tests was mostly middle-of-the-road. The only exception came on Multimedia Content Creation Winstone 2003, where it did well thanks in part to its fast hard drive. The midnight-gray midtower chassis is accompanied by a matching 17-inch CRT monitor and standard keyboard. A flap on the front panel conceals two USB 2.0 ports. The Dell unit lacks certain niceties that other systems we reviewed have, such as a DVD-ROM drive and a FireWire port. It does, however, have a CD-RW drive, and its multimedia software bundle is very good.


Intel based USB2.0 controller looks fine. But that EW162I is a very outdated drive, I am not sure if it is a good idea to get that. I would prefer a more recent drive instead, maybe a Liteon (or a Samsung if you don’t plan using DVD-R media).



can you provide me with links to a good drive to get then? I also buy from newegg.com. I want one only for burning dvd, also lightscribe drives? can they use normal blank dvds to burn as well?


as you prefer buying at newegg, then you can’t miss the Liteon (there is only one). Also, the LG isn’t bad either. So you can chose between these two drives.

If you want to avoid the Samsung, then also avoid the Sony drives, offered there as these are the same hardware.


I might go with that BQ because newegg is out of the liteon… do you know what year it is from>?

also drives that say lightscribe can only do lightscribe disks or normal ones too>?

They burn normal ones.

Then I suggest to wait or to check the “Bargain Basement” thread on CDfreaks.com forums.

do you know what year it is from>?
The latest firmware is two years old (March 2005). So this is a 3 year old drive. Expect issues with newer media. Experienced CDfreaks might add that to their collection, but for beginners, I recommend getting a current model.

The LG from newegg is also a good drive.


Agree with [I]mciahel[/I] that BenQ EW162I is kinda outdated and not suited for beginners. :wink:

Samsung has a great 18x external drive, newegg linky, highly recomended (own one and I’m very happy with it).

well i decided to get the benQ EW162I and must say this thing is awesome. burns the newer media perfect and fast.