16X DVDs recognised as 8X in Nero

Hello all,

My Nero gave me a “Illegal Disc” error while burning DVDs. So i upgraded the firmware for my NEC ND 6650A writer to 1.03D. After this upgrade, Nero is able to write these Moserbaer DVDs just fine.

However, my DVDs are getting recognised as 8X instead of 16X. Anything else i should do to get this right ?

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Maybe because yours is an 8x burner. Nero or any other app cannot select a burn speed higher than the burner is capable of.

I have been burning DVDs at 16x just fine all while long. I just got a new spindle of 100 new Moserbaer (I always buy Moserbaer) DVDs, and these DVDs are getting recognised as 8X. Any clues ?

Thanks in advance

Well everything I can find states quite clearly that this is a 8x DVD writer. This includes NEC’s official website.

So I don’t know how you could actually burn any DVD at above 8x.

I cannot tell you how sorry i am for wasting your time.
This is a 8X dvd writer, it was my fault. DANG :doh:
Thanks again.