16x DVD writers and Blu-Ray drives from Samsung

I just posted the article 16x DVD writers and Blu-Ray drives from Samsung.

CDRLabs.com I found some
interesting news at heise online
about coming DVD writers from Samsung. The news article is in German but here is
a short summary in English:

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/6778-16x-DVD-writers-and-Blu-Ray-drives-from-Samsung.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/6778-16x-DVD-writers-and-Blu-Ray-drives-from-Samsung.html)

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…As I’ve previously said, the 48X DVD Writers will hopefully emerge on the market within a few years, just like it happened before with CDWriters :g

…doubt we’ll see any speeds above 16x for writing, anyone know of any DVD-ROM drives that read at above 16x? I haven’t. Although I seem to remember an article here on CDFreaks about chipsets for 20x DVD? Who needs the speed anyway? I write every a 2.4x because it’s guaranteed to play on everything I have at home, 4x I get mixed results with. That might change though as DVD players get better at reading recordable DVDs…

Well if they’re only just getting round to rebadging an NEC drive by now then we should be expecting a 16x by christmas from plextor!!

“The first optical drives with S-ATA interface will be released in June 2004.” I’m more excited about that than anything else. :S

Since 1X DVD spins 3 times faster than 1X CD and the physical limit for CD drives is around 52X (before the media tends to disintegrate), don’t expect DVD drives to reach speeds over 16X anytime soon.