16X DVD ROM Suggestion

I am looking to purchase a DVD-ROM to replace an ailing CD-ROM. I figure it would be nice to use it to rip DVD’s instead of using my Plex 708 (maybe extend its life). Is there a ROM drive out there that stands out as reliable in reading DVD’s? I had a Plex 116a and it had problems with the 2nd half of the DVD when ripping (dual layer problem?) and has since been sent off for repairs. My purpose for the drive would be primarily for DVD ripping as I do not do much CD burning (copy protection read performance not critical).

Thanks for your input…


The LiteON LTD-166S is (AFAIK) a very fast dvd ripper. However my Asus E616 is also a pretty good ripper.

If you can afford the extra money the LiteOn LTC-48161H 48x24x48x16 Combo Drive which is about $60USD (Newegg.com) delivered vs. $33USD for just the DVD reader is a good choice. I have used this on many systems because it can copy and write most CD’s disc well and has the added ability to replace the CD writer.