16X DVD-ROM preforms very slow ripping?

My EPO 16X DVD-ROM rips slowly at 2X. I purchased this drive in a hope to decrease my ripping time. Looking at CDSpeed200.com list, none of the 16X DVD is THAT slow in its transfer rate, the slowest is around 11X.

Any ideas in helping me resolve this issue?


Newer dvd drivers can only rip at 2x do to the MPAA:( You can get a older model for ripping though… it was like in august or something.

altimas: thanks for your reply

On the drive, the assembly date is January 2002. I saw region-free firmware for my drive. In case your observation is correct, that should fix the issue.

I will be awaiting more replies before doing so.

Np, it may fix it:bigsmile: I dunno, I don’t even have a dvd drive. I figure if I can download a perfect movie rip minus the ac3 sound wtf:) but now with dvr drives I may get one cuz there is a dvr news group.