16x DVD-RAM to start in July

I just posted the article 16x DVD-RAM to start in July.

 The DVD-Forum has  announced some details for the upcoming 16x DVD-RAM format at the European  verification seminar, held in Reutte (Austria) on  March 29th. Thanks to the German website Heise...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10071-16x-DVD-RAM-to-start-in-July.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10071-16x-DVD-RAM-to-start-in-July.html)

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About time this happened !! DVD-RAM is the most reliable DVD format out there but in it’s current form, it’s way too slow… Too bad we gotta wait till July for it :frowning: Adi

I’m CAPABLE of reading German since I’m an intelligent human being, however I’m not ABLE to read German since I haven’t been taught the language!:wink:

Wrong Link to heise online! http://www.heise.de/newsticker/meldung/58126

Good and as it is in the text bad news, as we will end up with 2 separate worlds: 0-5 and over 5x! Will the new drives be able to read the old media?

Thanks, it’s fixed now

There is now information about this in the original article but they note that current drives will be able to read the new 16x media, so I assume that the new drives will also be able to read the current media.

DVD-RAM is the most reliable DVD format out there
In test’s DVD-RAM was the most unreliable in terms of data integrity. The only benefit DVD-RAM has is the fact that it can be erased and re-used 100,000 times. Write ounce media is the most reliable media follow by RW media which can be re-used 1000 times.

That phrase should have been like this instead: “DVD-RAM is the most reliable type of DVD recordable media for random writing.”

What are you talking about ?? Wchich tests ? DVD-RAM checks what was written on the disk as soon as it writes it so you’re 100% sure that the data can be read back. What’s unreliable about that ? None of the other formats have this feature. Adi

I find that hard to believe. Please provide the link to that test.

Yeah! …