16x DVD-RAM soon




end of the yr thr




To dream the impossible dream… :wink:

I don’t know if I want to hitch my cart to a company that NEVER offers firmware updates. Plus, rumors are that LG is leaving the optical business at year end. BUT, if it works out I’ll eat my words.


We shall gratefully accept the 16X Maxell and Panasonic RAM discs.

Has anybody seen the picture of the LG 5167D on this page.

Lightscribe too.


w00t, w00t, w00t, w00t, w00t!!!

Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme.

But BenQ and NEC are releasing drives with DVD-RAM support in the future! :iagree:


Thanks for the great news Sen! I will definitely hold off on 4165/4167/5167. Just hope the discs will be $10 or lower.



This looks better to me though. :wink:

Samsung’s 0.85-inch 4GB HDD!




They won’t have the same problems that the 5 speed ones are having with certain Panasonic DVD recorders are they? I suppose if you’re using them for recording from the TV the speed doesn’t matter as much as if you wanted to use them like a DVD-R.


I’m not so impressed. Did you see the seagate or WD new CF2 6GB microdrive?


I might have to eat my words.



Yes, but Seagate and WD do not make Blu-ray drives. Samsung was not well-known for HDDs and 0.85 inch is quite small actually.


Samsung started making HDD at last 15 years ago. However it never was a leader in this market and it will not be a leader since IBM-HITACHI rulez in the new technologies for the HD market.
IBM was the first to itroduce a 360MB Microdrive in CF2 form about 5 years ago.
Look at the specs of the new IBM-HT 6GB Microdrive:

Hitachi Microdrives have been tested and approved for use in many digital cameras, handheld PCs, notebook PCs, and reader/writers. For a complete list of IBM Microdrive compatible products, please review the compatibility matrix
Offers 6GB’s of Capacity at 70% faster speeds than the previous versions of Microdrives at speeds of:
Minimum transfer rate at 4.2MB/s, old version is 2.6MB/s
Peak write speed is 33MB/s (220x), max sustained write speed is 7.2MB/s (48x)
Actual write speed has been measured in a digital camera at 36x speed (5.4MB/s)
128KB data buffer, 8.33ms average read seek time
Industry-standard CompactFlash+ Type II one-inch drive

With one of this you can store a standard DVD-Video on a microdrive without any problem. I’m waiting for a camcorder that can write directly in DVD-Video standard on one of these little monsters. Then you simply have to transfer the file on a DVD_VIDEO project and burn it directly using your PC… :bigsmile:


What I pointed out was the change in the industry. IBM’s Microdrive’s nothing new. 6GB CF drive was expected anyway, but who predicted Samsung would come out with 0.85-inch HDD?

Looking at the larger picture, though LG leads the optical storage market, it’s Samsung that leads in the bigger game. It will be much clearer in 10 years. LG doesn’t have as good strategy.

And why store video files on such expensive and inefficient 6GB CF disks? There are going to be 120GB HDDs that weigh just around 100g per each and flash memory products are also advancing at much faster rate in terms of both speed, capacity, and market share and they are all going to be used built-into HD camcorders. Even Sony’s MemoryStick Duo and Matsushita’s miniSD are having better times.


It’s a question of space and costs. You simply cannot beat the price of a 6GB CF microdrive with a solid state memory right now.
Also Samsung sees a market in the little HD as we can see.

About space… As you know right now you do not need 120GB on a camera or camcorder or other mobile devices but with a 6GB not so expensive and very small CF card you can make a little camcorder very intresting for a lot of people searching for little gizmos that can makes DVD Video in a snap.
More you can change the HD very easely using it in more than one device. With other kinds of HD or devices with embedded big HDs is not possible or not so easy…

However I can be wrong. Let’s wait and see if any electronic giant pop out with a camcorder able to write DVD video (at last VR) on one of these little HD. Maybe Samsung itself is planning to add on of their little HD in a future camcorder… :slight_smile:


I don’t need a 120GB space on a camera? You are wrong. Even the very conservative consumer electronics companies have carried standalone devices that have 20GB to over 100GB HDD space. It’s a wide industry trend that is also the most important single factor influencing the computer HDD industry. Yes, Samsung also plans to have such devices inside their standalone products. Including refrigerators even. :iagree: What I mean is that it is getting more important to “merge” technologies. It is often more important to make good use of existing technologies than to go deeper in a single area. Sony has been especially good at that. Samsung’s rapidly caught up with Sony in that regard. By comparison, IBM has been the world’s No. 1 in many technologies, but lost lots of marketshare to Microsoft, Intel, Apple, Samsung, Hitachi, Compaq, HP, and so on due to their lack of good corporate strategies.

CF MicroDrive is still good but it’s no more the only solution for big and very portable multimedia storage. It’s only one of the technologies used for CF interface and CF is just one of the portable standards competing with SD, MS, xD, etc., but built-in HDDs are something different, that could capture half of the total HDD marketshare in the coming years. Perhaps you feel a lot better with CF MicroDrive because the drives in your place have been much cheaper and widely used. 32MB solid state memory available as a USB card was not easily imagined several years ago. Now 1GB USB cards are cheap and widely available.

Why is it difficult to have 120GB HDD in a camcorder? Or even in a mobile phone for that matter. They are just as big and heavy as LCD panels or batteries or cassette tapes. Of course not in 3.5-inch form factor. It’s not impossible, just new at the moment.


Seen at the IFA in Berlin this september 2005

Panasonic SW-9586

The following photo says: «HDLS will ship soon !»
Does already a name exist for that LG burner ?


Great information, thanks a lot! :bigsmile:

Perhaps GSA-4169?


Its not going to be much use for us LG 4163B users as older drives will not be able to read or write to the new 16x DVD-RAM media, which is pretty crap.