16x DVD-R with faked TDK - TTH02 code on the market



Media with faked TDK - TTH02 media code is on the market, so be aware.

Manufactured by Infosmart in Hong Kong which is already faking MCC and TY codes for their media.

Currently being distributed in Europe by e-net as Movie Style 16x DVD-R, and probably other e-net brands soon as well.

Picture to identify the media:


Thanks for the warning OCFREAK… That is why many of us only buy quality, name brand dvd’s, from reputible dealers.


How’s the quality?
Crap as expected from Infosmart?


Well, I do not know as I do not have these discs myself :stuck_out_tongue:


The Moviestyles are trash.

You can pretty much tell anyway without opening the spindle as on the 8x 100pk spindle the discs can move around very easily, since they didn’t bother putting a few foam rings or plastic rings to cover the top of the “pole” in the middle.


Just spotted the new bulkpaqs 16x also with tth02 on several sites.
I assume they made by the same manufacturers
Does anyone so far has solid evidence that the disc’s are usseing fake MID.

Because some person claimes different and claimes there genuine but also that there low grade.

I would vote for more likely to be fake but without evidence everything is possible if it’s sold by E-net.


The latest batches with 8x DVD-R from infosmart is now TTG02 as well, for example Datawrite 8x DVD-R RED.

Jumping from TY to MCC to TDK codes it seems…


I recieved 2 of these yellow O1ne moviestyle discs in a sample pack that was sent to me recently. I decided to try and burn them today as i saw this thread.

The only serial number is IFPI FD1D, so its the same as most fake media.

Both Burned on BenQ1620, Burning Data Backup using Nero

Strangely, Neither of the burned discs will report the MID code after burning. Before buring both showed the code: TTH02

1st: 16x WOPC ON (Default) Burn Failed at 0.5gb, no apparent Dye Imperfections
2nd: 16x WOPC OFF, Burn Completed, Full smooth transfer rate line but disc ends with 'No additional sense" error Although all data on the disc will transfer to my Hard drive correctly.


I wonder if Infosmart changed because of MCC.

So what will we see.
Compannies who now abuse MCC codes will now switch to CMC and TDK codes because MCC is takeing actions.
I think Ritek won’t be a option because Ritek is currently acting very fast against the fake media.

For completeness I have seen the first fake CMC’s allready.

also it seems that a 16x DVD-R movie style version exists with fake MCC 16x code.

Shame that you can’t read the codes any more . Because I would like to have a dump from the adip data DVD identifier gives.
If there is any one who can post up a dump please do so.


I’ve had to hold myself back here to post an unsuitable pic here. :bigsmile:

Sorry dakhass :doh:


So what exactly does dvd identifier show now when you try to read the ADIP Data ?


Then send it through P.M. I just wondered if it’s 100 blank or it still shows some info in some fields and I want DVD identifier not because I’m working with that tool but because of the fact that it lists the full interesting part of the ADIP and correct !
I wonder if the write descriptions are still there which might give us some more info for future fake versions.


By MPO? Or are the ones you’ve seen made by someone else?


The problem with these “fake” media. Is that they make the disk front look real good, therefore people think they are quality.


I recieved these DVD-R too, as a printfail product. With my NEC 3500A more then 50% of the burned DVD movies are from very very bad quality, only a few can be watched on dvdplayer…

so i want to buy the plextor 716A, not caused of these DVD-Rs, i need a second one - but you have experience with this DVDRs and the plextor burner.
Can the inteligence burning technology of this burner help to burn better Moviedvds than my NEC?
How did your 716A burn these DVDs?

greedz Kraut


I have a couple hundred of them and have not had a problem with them. No coasters at all. BUT…after doing everything the way I’m supposed to, I cannot get them to write a DVD Rom.