16x DVD+R media for US$0.4 when?


Jimmy Hsu, Taipei; Adam Hwang, DigiTimes.com [Tuesday 20 July 2004]

CMC Magnetics and Ritek have begun to deliver blank 16x DVD+R discs in small volumes this month, according to the two companies.

Although 8x DVD discs are the current mainstream DVD+R shipment, CMC and Ritek plan to shift their production focus to 16x discs later this quarter or early next quarter, as global demand for DVD burners migrates to 16x models, the two companies noted.

Thanks to relatively high technology barriers preventing competition from second-tier or small makers, OEM production of 16x DVD+R discs has margins of 40-50%, Ritek said.


Jeremy Huang, Taipei; Adam Hwang, DigiTimes.com [Thursday 15 July 2004]

Prices of DVD-R discs quoted by second-tier and small manufacturers in Taiwan have dropped below US$0.30 per disc and have even reached US$0.25, while CD-R disc prices have also fallen to US$0.08, according to the makers.

The price cuts are mainly due to Chinese competitors dumping CD-R discs into the market and an oversupply of DVD-R discs, the makers indicated. The makers pointed out that there is no further room for CD-R prices to drop, and some less competitive makers can be expected to withdraw from the market.

However, quotations for 4x and 8x DVD-R discs may slip further, as second-tier and smaller makers with a technological advantage (i.e. higher yield rates) could reduce their gross margins to compete with first-tier makers such as CMC Magnetics, Ritek and Prodisc Technology. First-tier makers have mostly moved away from low-priced CD-R orders and are shifting their production focus to 16x DVD discs, the makers noted.

It seems competition in the 16x DVD+R media market will bring the price down to US$0.4 to US$0.5 very soon. But right now, you have to be a large OEM maker to get a Ritek or CMC 16x DVD+R for under US$0.8 perhaps.

i would hope dual layer prices comes down more than 16x media atleast for me burn time isnt the top priority.

Same for me. 12x to 16x is hardly a revolutionary increase, but it will save me a lot of time to move from 2.4x to 8x for DL recording.

DL media is very expensive to make, relatively speaking. Blue-ray and HD-DVD media will be far cheaper to make than DL. So, assuming we ever get 16x-capable media you will always be able to burn 2 SL discs in less time and for less $ than one DL disc.

I agree it will never be as cheap as single layer but like the cds now single layers will be very cheap and duallayer disks will hopefully get to 1$ a disk soon.