16x dvd-r & lvc-9006



“FAIL” comes up when I load Philips 16X DVD-R media. Was using Sony 8X DVD+R with no problems before. Question: Is it the 16X speed, the DVD-R format or the Philips brand that’s the problem? Thanks.


The most likely cause for this error is if the firmware in your DVD Recorder does not support this media. The same thing can also happen when using new media with PC DVD writers in which the media type has been released at a later time than when the firmware in the DVD writer was built.

I would recommend updating your firmware first and then trying that disc again. See the following Lite-On webpage for the latest firmware for your model:



New firmware for 9006 as of 8/25/05 on the LiteOn site.


Charles 6464:

You mentioned that there was a firmware update for my LVC-9006. I can’t find it. Do you have a link? Thanks.



@Waljoy I answered your question in your other post about the 9006 firmware
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