16X DVD+R Brands available on newegg.com

Fill in the search box at the left, and it will bring up all the available brands and prices.

Enter 16X speed, 4.7gb capacity.

Anyone have a MID for those Samsungs?

I also noticed the Verbatim 16X +or - 25 pack have a $10 MIR for 2 packs from Newegg maiking them $7.99 + $3.50 shipping. Not bad but not great.

can’t find anything on samsung 16x +r. but dvdrhelp has samsung +r (pleomax), witch is what newegg has, and they are optodisc.

Ya I tried dvdrhelp first and noticed the 4x and 8x were optidisc so maybe the 16X are optidiscr016’s. Probably won’t find out first hand as they are not that great a price anyway.